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What’s going on at Coco Puffs in today’s video I’m going to talk about 20 fitness mistakes your boyfriend needs to let go and never make again in 2020 So if you start to feel defensive about something I’m saying, remember this isn’t about you This is about your friend.

do not worry.

do not worry Okay, so let’s just get into those mistakes because listening is 20 20.

So let’s talk about that.

I’ll just go through this really quickly So keep up.

Yes, keep up.

You have to keep number one You don’t have a cheat day in your schedule if you do my premium workout schedule I have a spot in the schedule for you to jot down your cheat day This is not a game that is not trying to be Rambo nor trying to be a hero Everyone needs a cheat day The day you go, the day you do all the bad things that you want to hide from your personal trainer If you don’t have a cheat day This is set to be one of the reasons.

It’s hard for you to get away from sweets.

I have a cheat day Thursday is usually a cheat day, and this is the day I look forward to making a mistake every day of the week Number two, you never keep your basic exercise equipment in a visible place.

Listen, my kettlebell is always visible I see it every day doesn’t mean I use it every day But I see it every day I heavier in my ankles weights my exercise mat my shoe workout my treadmill all these things They are in places that I would see them every day if you didn’t see the exercise stuff guess what? You will never use your exercise items.

I’m sorry.

Not You Your Friend Mistake Number Three Your friend keeps avoiding the planks at any time You see the boards in the exercise.

She just sits.

It doesn’t do that at all.


It’s okay, if you can’t, that’s okay It can be waved for only three seconds.

he is fine She can only plan five seconds, but she has to play.

It has to do panels.

Panels are not Optional plants are the thing that makes your waist web Planks are the thing that makes your abs show that plants are the thing that supports your back That way you are the granny, you can still be like sexy granny mistake number four.

She hates her workouts She does not want to do that.

Listen If you hate exercising well And you have to like it, this is the reason why I have more than 200 workout videos on my channel I have Hundreds of exercise videos in my app so you can find an exercise you like, want to repeat, and want To do and you wake up in the morning as if you are in exercise in reality no one does that no one wakes up in the morning like I get this error is the following one.

This will really work for your friend So I really need you to hold her hand as I say this is because It is not very popular.

It is fast.

It is the truth.

I’ll just say it once Here it goes if your boyfriend has 30 pounds or more to lose while she’s in the gym to lift heavy weights She made a big mistake Weight training isn’t bad Anyone with 30 pounds or more to lose is not a great candidate for heavy weightlifting at the gym if your boyfriend In this case, you need to focus on cleaning up her diet and doing bodyweight exercises Constantly in order to lose this weight.

Love everything and anything.

I say I am saying from the place of love, Mistake No.

6 She is always on a diet.

I will not say more than that Just don’t be consistently wrong with Diet # 7 and not rolling foam.

I actually have a full video It’s only available to my premium members, but you can start anywhere online, an online foam wrap is the key if you haven’t been a roll of foam They stop needing for the # 8 roll mistake when it’s time to eat struggle-free protein if your boyfriend is fighting for it Get lean protein on this problem.

A good lipoprotein Lean protein is good carbohydrates and good fats are good.

Vegetables are good, a little bit of everything is good Unless your doctor says not to eat certain things, in this case just ignore that point error The number nine is an all-or-nothing mentality.

This is a really huge thing that a lot of people struggle with They can’t train because they ate donuts last night just because you ate something that you feel you shouldn’t be eating doesn’t mean it You should not exercise only because you do not have 30 minutes to not exercise, this means that you should not exercise even if it is five minutes long Five minutes is better than not having a minute to do this You may not feel like the best but in the long run you will be proud of yourself I’ve had this in the past I would feel like if I didn’t like the hardest workout like going hard for a long time It shouldn’t do anything but with time I am not mature I have grown up and I am a better person now and I want your friends to be a better person too Mistake number ten not wearing proper shoes.

If the bottom of your shoes is like seamless.

This is a really good sign Nice time to get new shoes.

I talked about this in a previous video.

I just got these new ones from under the armor I don’t like them very much.

So I’m going to find a new pair, someone recommended some sketches I’ll go to the sketcher store tomorrow to see if I can find something I like But honestly you guys take care of your feet.

If you’ve been using the same exercise shoe for seven years I’m sorry, if your boyfriend has been using the same exercise shoe for seven years Tell her to buy some New # 11 Mistakes and she takes a lot of fun supplements So I wouldn’t say don’t take supplements They are fun But just make sure not to overdo it with the supplement because sometimes it can be a crunch Mistake # 12 stretches at the start of the workouts rather than stretches at the end If you do workout, then you are already covered.

You don’t have to think about that But just in case you weren’t doing a hands-on exercise and I send this one to you buddy So you know about the mistake you made in Mistake # 13 while doing the hairdos that keep you from working, guys.

I didn’t think this would happen to me, but it did to me.

There was a day I wanted to work But I was like BAM.

I can’t work because of my hair It looks so cute that I don’t work out and crunches and don’t feel sweaty.

I have I did it or like my hair looks raw Hence I am not in a good mood because my hair is not looking good hence because I am not in a good mood I will not work The ladies 2020 I’m super excited about this because guys know what it’s like when your hair isn’t being done You just don’t feel right So don’t feel wrong that number fourteen is trying to flatten your abs and grow your loot at the same time I won’t say more than that because I have another video where I am curious about it, so watch this one Mistake # 15 you compare it to Online Forms, Don’t Do This Do Not Do This Compare yourself to your grandmother Your friend is trying to do everything complicated Exercises when, in fact, simple exercises are most effective You know, why because you know how to do it? So if you don’t know how to do this exercise And you love Confused And here you are like trying to figure out where to place your leg all the time rather than just doing basic squats or The baseplate we leave behind did not take that to 2020 Don’t tell your friends and family what you’re doing in an effort to be anonymous.

This is a very difficult one Really This one really is It depends on your family because some of the family members you tell you are trying to be healthy then they start bringing you to the BURGER KING midnight.

I have some family members like that.

You’re blessed to have a supportive family, and then you know, tell them what you’re doing Don’t eat cauliflower in the cupboard the next mistake.

It only focuses on how you look and how you feel I’m not going to sit here and be like, Oh, I don’t care how I look, it’s all about gut feeling This is not true to me What I care about how I look What I care about how I feel I care How I think I care about everything Okay, so get you guys if you like My stomach looks funny or all my booty looks weird or my thighs do it and my arms do it I’m not going to sit here and tell you not to care about those things when I know I do, too You should also pay attention to how you feel as you continue to check your weight every day Let me control myself because I need every day that I am Every day, you will check your weight.

I’m not against checking your way.

I am not saying throughout your range But if it was an addiction We’re not dropping in 2020 if it works for you if it doesn’t work if it just makes you crazy Let it go, let it go Why does every song end with who I am I think I’ll be writing a blog post very soon like the various ways to track your progress Other than checking your weight I feel this is something that will be helpful since a lot of us as coaches these days It’s fashionable to say oh throughout the scale.

Stop checking your weight.

But the truth is, you do need feedback You need to know if you are making progress, you know You can’t be here to do all these avatars and squats and stuff and not know if she’s up to talk about the blog posts that I do Send an email to my email list Each Monday With a new blog post for my blog.


I have a blog.

Can you believe Can you believe it? And you have a record of that It updates every week and I am sending the blog post to my email list.

If you are not on my email list, join it Join error on my email list.

Number 20.

You have no plan.

Listen, if you have a goal you don’t have a plan you are kidding The goal cannot be to easily have a plan, especially if it’s fitness, then you need a plan So go to kabocha Fitness comm and start a free trial when you start a free trial you get free access to it To all exercise programs so you can see if any of my plans make sense in relation to your goal that way don’t do it We should think about that.

You can only wake up in the morning and Are you experimenting with subscribing to my YouTube channel.

You don’t have notes already.

I’ll see you in the next video Mistake number two, you don’t keep your exercise This was very shady, but I didn’t mean it like that, you know Let it go.

Let it go.

Let it go You are

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