20 Minute Ab Workout for Women \u0026 Men – 20 Minute Abs Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily at Home

Hey, everyone.

It’s your personal trainer Coach Kozak And I’m claudia and this is an ab workout for people who get bored easily 20 Minute Ab Workout for Women Men 20 Minute Abs Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily at Home this workout never repeats the same move twice There’s no equipment That’s required for this routine today But you may want to hold on to a pair of light hand weights for some extra resistance in depending on the surface You’re working out on you may also want to matt I’m going to be doing the intermediate through advanced Exercises and follow me for the second or modifications.

All right.

Let’s get right into it Okay, we’re going to start on the [ground] in a low plank position I’m going to start from top and she’s going to start from her knees as soon as I can get my mat out there We go, so on our forearms weight is evenly distributed low plank position, and now we’re going to do a walkout so we’re walking out in front and Walking back you decide which one of these variations is right for you keeping your core tight Back straight and making sure to breathe [not] much of a range of motion on this one But [you] can definitely feel it once your elbows get out there certainly can feel it right away [now] we’re not going to count any reps today So it’s just all about you working at your own pace pushing yourself and getting as many reps in as you can in a lot of time period Let’s go ten more seconds on this one Pushing through making sure to breathe five four three Two one zero [okay], we’re going to turn over onto our backs for the next one Moving into either a lying leg, raise or lying knee raise what we’re going to do with the tempo So we’re going to go one second on the way up.

We’re going to go slow three tell on the way down nice and controlled Try to keep your back flat on the ground as you bring your legs or your knees up One second quick.

I’m [way] up Three seconds nice and controlled on the way down now [I’m] not putting my feet down at the bottom as you see But if you feel like you need to go ahead And just drop your feet a little bit or drop your feet quickly on the ground Yeah, don’t bounce them But if you need to take a rest in between and place your legs or feet down on the ground in between that’s totally okay Again making this one yeah making this one your own Doing all right over there.

Yeah, it’s a little hard to talk and do the same time you know okay? Breathe guys don’t have much less than this one feeling those abs working Louie let’s go five four three two One zero okay, so we’re going to pop up and do a reverse plank both of us our fingers are facing forward I’m not moving from the reverse plank I’m just going to hold it looking up hipster up and now I’m gonna go alternating kicks with a straight leg for Claudia like she said it’s just going to remain in that reverse plank position What is the board just imagining? I’m trying to balance a glass of wine Or a glass of water whatever pick your poison Yay, okay? Goldwater that’s a lot.

[that’s] a workout video is probably why thank you for core nice and tight Try your best not to [kink] at your hips.

I know it gets hard.

Don’t hold your breath on this one or anything Exactly come on.

Keep it up guys you got it [freeze] and move you got it hold tight hold tight not much left, so [ten] seconds, that’s it think about what brought you here today What is it? What are you working on? three two One all right nice well we’re going to turn [over] now We’re not taking any breaks one into the next let’s go turn it over I’m in a bear plank position, and I’m going to go bear plank Shoulder touches to my knees are bent at a 90 where claudia is from her knees doing a high plank position alternating shoulder touches Either way keep that core nice and tight You see I have my weight Evenly distributed on the balls, and I feed my hand where Claudia is on her knees [both] [of] us are keeping our cores tight and our shoulders Square to the ground where yep? Good Little bend in those elbows.

Did you do this one don’t want to lock out [at] your arms? Good good.


Come on.

Keep it up guys doing great.

Don’t slow down getting as many in as you can Let’s go ten more seconds on this one Sliding through yes, this one’s working more than your ads, too little bonus like a total body What is it almost getting a lot of core in there, too, though three? two One all right, we’re turning over again Classic move next hollow body.

I’m Gonna show you guys two variations [let] me show you the harder one to bring my chin up first and what that does is helps you keep my Lower back flat on the ground head is [up] arms are out and and later I’m gonna hold it here and if you feel as if this version of what I’m doing is way too easy for you Go ahead and bring your arms back Keep your head and your shoulder blades up And just hold right here so again keeping that chin Forward and tucked allows you to keep your back flat on the ground so you don’t want your lower back coming up Good hold and breathe.

That’s it right.

There is this one’s brutal classic gymnastics move so brutal? Hold tight come on.

Let’s go you got [it] you can do it.

Don’t give up keep pushing [keep] pushing Almost there.

Let’s go ten more seconds.

That’s it breathe Hold tight three two one nice Alright next moving into a clam sit up close.

You can do a clam crunch putting our feet together I’m going to bring my elbows to my knees I’m going to crunch on both sides and I’m just going to reach right through my legs here both bringing our shoulder blades off the ground Coming forward.

It’s really the big difference.

Is that leg movement what you’re doing with your legs? Deciding again, which one is right [for] you.

This is a great one for your Lower abdominal area you can get a little bit of inner thigh on this one Good Breathe and focus guys this is this is it right here Putting in the work that we can get the payoff thinking about that goal thinking about what motivates you Recognizing what it’s going to take a get there, and that is pure work no ifs ands or buts about it We can work here putting in work in the kitchen.

You can do it.

Let’s go Breathe let’s go five four three Two one Nice [ok] next we’re [moving] on to a high plank in the high plank position We’re going [knee] up and in [Claudia’s] going to do it from her knees I’m going to come from like high plank off my feet bring in our knee up and twisting in [comes] up and twist so and rotate your body as That knee [twister] Breathe knee up in the chest That’s one again hitting more than just the abs and a little bit of arms in there a little bit of leg It’s all getting hit right [now].

Let’s go hanson obliterate your core.

I like it.

I like it.

It hurts so good Burn so good [you] got to tell yourself that Yeah, [so] all the mental game guys so all it is when it starts to catch on fire like that Not that some people feel the failure and some don’t will feel the pain and some don’t everybody feels it Just your ability to push past we pushing past right now [leverage] like come on.

Let’s go Train yourself to push past that burn Good breathe Go ten more seconds almost there and five four three Two one Okay, we’re flipping to our back.

I’m going to do a sit-up toe touch Claudia’s going to do a reach crunch So my legs are going straight up in the air, and I’m going to touch at my toes And I’m keeping my feet just flat on the ground reaching up towards the sky Bringing my shoulder blades up off the ground either way of trying your best to reach Straight up.

So not just forward really reaching straight up into the sky Like you’re trying to touch your [siri] again making sure to breathe can I hold your breath on these you will regret it coming down in between Stay focus [there] it is this is it right here everybody would you come here for today? Would you start that video for don’t pause it [close] through? Prove to yourself that you can do it Come back get a little bit better every single time let’s go come on.

You [can] do it you can do it tell yourself that Whether you believe it, or you don’t you’re right either way Come on.

Let’s go Almost there in five four three Two one Last one.

We’re turning over.

We got those mint guys.

We got a link.

We’re going to finish strong with a good old-fashioned plank I’m doing it from my knees And I’m coming up onto my feet weights underneath you and just think about something pleasant [keep] that core tight If you’re doing it from the knees notice how claudia had brought her hips down you don’t want to way up in the air nope Bring those hips down Back nice and straight you [got] it right here.


This is it you’ve been saving it.

Now’s the time to let it out Let’s go draw that belly button up towards [this] towards your spine And hold it hold and tight Breathe stay focused [it] is it Go to your happy place Yep, think about what your goals are think about what it’s going to take to achieve them think about how great You’re going to feel once you do achieve them, and then it’s just on to the next one That’s it won’t go after another crushing it right here.

Let’s go Good you got it [woo] let’s go 15 seconds.

That’s it 15 seconds in this workout is done, and you’ve made it don’t give up now now It’s not the time to give up So close to the end right here.

Come on stick with it stick with it four five four three two one zero Hi, nice job everybody Okay, we’re moving into a cloth to start so we’re going to the ground [lying] on our back and again I’m grabbing my hand wait for this one for spreading out [like] [a] starfish tight variety here get some room And then we’re coming up together [legs] come together and we crunch up at the top bring in those shoulder blades up off the ground nice Squeeze in those abs up [at] the top now.

We’re not going to count any reps today We’re just completing as many reps in a lot of time period As you can I? Get those shoulder blades up off the ground Squeezing those abs up at the top you got it come on breathe Good job Long right into the neck stay under control don’t bounce your legs up off the ground Not much left on this one give me 5 4 3 2 1 okay, so we’re going to open our legs up into a butterfly position Hands are straight up And we’re going to do a reach crunch bring those shoulder blades back off the ground You also see how if you are using some hand weights.

It’s going to create some added resistance reaching up nice work breathe and Reach In all different corners are your abs today getting every last inch of them come on? Let’s go breathe one into the next [you] got it Good again stand under control keeping those abs contracted One into the next [you] got it breathe Not much less come on Give me 5 4 3 2 1 okay So we’re coming up into a side plank position.

We’re going to do from a side plank position We’re going to do side raise front raise Pardon me while I not going in there.

It is okay.


We got [it] [alright] So we’re up and the side plank position on that forearm [we’re] going to go side raise out in front and then front raise nice So one into the next again [you] see how everything gets a little bit harder once you grab some hand weights But I feel pressured into doing so a little bit stronger every time you come back and complete this one Nice good Definitely don’t forget to breathe on this exactly keep that core tight you got it that arm underneath you feel that oblique just Burning up already.

Yeah, definitely working that oblique you got it nice Going to switch sides here in five four three Two one okay opposite side take your weight with you if you’re using it or you might Okay, we’re up one right into the next not taking any rest today.

So we’re going hard and fast today and this one Nice work come on hit [it] Good One of the beautiful things about this one is your arm is moving like this even if you’re not using any weight It just forces your core to stabilize your body for sure It makes it work.

[just] that much more [blue] core activation Core activated did it you got it? Come on one into the next guys you got it nice work breathe? Don’t hold your breath not much left.

Give me five more seconds on this one, and that’s it almost there three two one and Done, okay moving into a russian twist a couple different varieties of this one, so you’re going to again make this one your own I’m going to grab one hand wait for this one bring my feet up, and I’m standing back on a 45 twisting Claudia on the other hand you’re going to notice as your feet on the ground makes it easier You decide which one is right for you, and if you want to kick [it] up You can even get a little bicycle kick in here at the same time Good Breathe but don’t get it twisted [cuz] it’s coming.

It’s still a burner.

Oh yeah We got the way, especially when you combine it with all the other movements.

We’re doing today Nice one you leave [on] the second round Yeah, definitely you know you’re gonna feel it on the second round when you already feeling it on the first the sign of things to come You got it.

Come on pushing it up pushing it up.

Go let’s go in Five four three Two one okay.

We’re grabbing that second dumbbell if you got it If not rolling right in to a punch outfit up through a stand back on a 45-degree angle We’re going to punch side to side bring those hands Back to your chin every time were you thinking doing this one after the russian twist well I was thinking your has to be pretty fatigued Therefore we see that much more effective [fatigue], but awesome Yeah, so we know [what’s] working everybody.

That’s the only you got in your abs right now That’s how we know what’s working come on Let’s go fighting through that pain fighting through that burn you got it you got it.

Nice work good one into the next not much left right through you got it you got it and five four three two one nice Okay, take a quick breath quick drink of water if you need to this is not a long break We’re only taking a 15-second break make it count get a couple deep breaths this last round is meant to finish you and surname The finishing round so we’re going to burn out some planks in this round We’re going to move into and start with a plank hip [touch] [down] So we’re going to go left hip touch the ground right hit touch the ground no modification on this one Just get as many as you can if you need to come down and rest [come] [down] and rest But otherwise keep it moving.

This is it right here just a little finish around is going to show us what you’re made of show yourself what you’re made of more than anything and Press yourself today.

That’s what your goal should be Achieve more than you even thought you were possible of achieving.

Let’s hit it right here.

Come on Let’s [go] left hip right hip keeping that core tight.

Just drop the hip tap it and back up tap it and back up nice Good you got it nice work everybody one time about a waist trainer.

Yeah, that is it This is the real waist trainer right here.

Five four three Two one okay, so we’re going to some similar but from the side point position we’re going to do a side plank dip throw up from the side plank position close going to show you from the knees and We’re going to go up and down up and [down] if you start with what I’m doing and need to switch your knees.

That’s fine Vice-versa make this your own do not hold back.

This is it people this is this Working out like your life depends on [it] because it does come on.

Let’s hit it.

What do you got? What do you got and five four three? two one switch inside Do both sides not much left everybody come on stick with me don’t pause this dang video Do not stop.

I know you want it would be so easy too, but don’t do it.

I can’t pause you can’t that’s right We don’t have a pause button over here.

We’re doing this for you Come on stick with us doing this for yourself today, not for anybody else What do you got right here put it out there put it out there not much less You could do this all day Positive thoughts, that’s all five four three Two one we have a plank and you are done moving into a good old-fashioned plank Eat it from up top or from your knees Claudia is showing you the knee version you can go there or you can go up like me you decide This is it.

This is [the] end of the workout don’t give when you made it you didn’t die.

That’s right, but no guy No, you have not you are still alive.

You are still kicking you are still fighting God bless you a [two-leg] you got up walk out of your bed this morning.

Do not take that for [granted] Let’s use what he [can] give you amy let’s go Come on.

Let’s work.

It work it guys work.

It breathe you could do this all day Positive thoughts happy place have to click.

What’s your happiest meditate.

That’s right.

What is it? Your family you do what you love Just thinking about that goal.

Would you want to cheese were yet right now? breathe In [ten] seconds, that’s it you come this far.

You’re not going to quit right now.

Do not quit.

Let’s go come on almost there five four three two one and done ha nice work ah Way to push through wa way to push through I’m personally Feeling good [a] [little] bit Happy that one’s over [and] I am so glad that one’s over my obliques are shot on fire.

You like this work I [asked] as much fire you like this workout as much as we did make sure [that] you give it a big Ol thumbs up subscribe to our YouTube [channel] was it really a couple major things that [helped] us keep this great [Channel] 3 Make sure you check out our patreon page if you want to support what we are doing here We’d really appreciate it check us out on Facebook Twitter instagram For your motivation for new releases just stay up-to-date and stay in contact.

We’re going to hear from you We want to yeah, we want to hurt you and respond to all comments.

Yeah, we do our best.

We’re right there for you Thank you so much for giving us the pleasure to serve you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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