25 Fitness and Health Gift Ideas 2021

Oh, the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season, a great time and for us an opportunity to talk about the fitness and health products that impressed us in 2020 and hopefully keep impressing in 2021, products like the Polar H10, the Dexcom G6, the TriggerPoint foam roller, the Mirror, the Colgate Plaqless Pro and many others.

Our previous edition of “Fitness Gifts 2020” stayed at the top of YouTube’s rankings basically throughout all of 2020.

On one side, we are honored to get so much
of your attention, but, on the other hand,   it inspires us to build the best list

So, we don’t miss anything cool!  And this time I’ll change our approach a bit –
I’ll talk not only about the products that I’ve used personally but also other great products and
innovations that have been quite popular in 2020   or just showed up on the market! So, we’ll start this video with the updates for the products on our 2020 list.

Then we’ll talk about Covid-related products – popular health as well as home wellness and fitness products.

And, finally, I’ll talk about other great products outside of these two buckets.

It’s gonna be an exciting video, coming up! Hi, Andrey here, welcome to the Practical
Health channel.

Here is the list of our Fitness Gifts from 2020.

I have been using these products myself on a regular basis.

I believe that they are the best in their niches, so I can
comfortably and confidently recommend them to you.

 I think that in the category of weight scales,
the Withings Body Cardio remains the top product.

 Though this segment is quickly becoming
saturated with other great products, such as the Fitbit Aria 2 and Garmin Index Smart Cable.

The Oura Ring 2, a wearable ring that tracks my daily Sleep, Readiness, and Activity information, remains on the top of sleep tracking products.

Oura introduced a couple additional versions of the ring in 2020 and updated its app interface several times this year.

I expect we’ll see the next generation Oura ring next year.

Hopefully… By the way, if you are looking for other sleep tracking options, we created a short video for you where we talk about other wearable and non-wearable sleep tracking devices.

The Polar H10 remains the leader in the heart rate
monitor category and helps me track my VO2Max.

There are other great chest heart rate monitors from Garmin, Wahoo, Moofit as well as wrist ones  from Garmin and Fitbit.

By the way, the chest strap proved to be the most accurate among the heartrate-measuring devices, an accuracy level of 99.


The accuracy of wrist-worn devices is much lower – from 67% to 92% depending on the product.

Moving on! Apple introduced its Apple Watch 6 with a new critical feature – a blood oximeter.

It’s an important feature for athletes, but also it became critical for detecting Covid – a significant drop in blood oxygen is an indicator of Covid.

   By the way, quite often the blood oximeter does not work correctly on my Apple Watch, but it might be just me.

  The Withings BPM Connect remains the top product in the blood pressure monitor category.

Though the market is quite saturated with various products, its simple interface and nice smartphone
app make the Withings BPM Connect stand out.

Next one is Upright’s Go 2, that I found to be
quite a disappointing product this year – no significant updates in 2020 and limited usability.

Another product that did not get any updates in 2020 is the Dexcom G6.

But! The company announced the launch of its G7 model in 2021, and, based on the available product description and pictures, it’s gonna be great.

Also, to be objective, there are a couple solid competitors
worth mentioning – the FreeStyle Libre System from Abbott and Medtronic’s Guardian Connect.

Nike’s ZoomX Vaporfly Next% was on the list last December, and last December feels like a lifetime ago for the running shoes industry.

At the end of last year, Nike introduced its newer
version – the Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% which got phenomenal publicity.

There were some rumors that the Alphafly would be banned from the Olympics.

Then it turned out that the Alphafly is legal,
and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics got postponed itself.

   There were a lot of discussions, and, as the
outcome, these shoes got a lot of publicity.

  Also, it feels that Nike gave the market for
running shoes a huge boost and the selection of available shoes has become greater and greater every month.

By the way, we have a video devoted solely to running shoes, check it out! Blue light blocking glasses, similar to running shoes, have gotten new additions every month.

And it looks like the state of the market is moving from saturated to oversaturated.

Finally, more and more tests have shown up on the market – now we have tests like “classic” Dexa body-fat,
body-composition scans as well as tests for food sensitivities and mineral deficiencies that you can purchase online.

Recently, I got one of them – the 5strands hair test on
mineral content and found it quite interesting.

Ok, moving on to the products that became
popular basically due to the Covid pandemic.

Covid made us all think about health and find a
way to stay in shape while at home.

One of the key products in the Covid health-related category is the forehead thermometer.

If you need to test your entire family continuously, a forehead thermometer is your best option.

I got one from Hotodeal, and I found it pretty cool, but there are a ton of other options you can find online.

  Another one is the stand-alone oximeter,
a device to measure blood oxygen.

Again, low oxygen saturation is one of the indicators
of Covid.

I have an oximeter from TempIR, and, like thermometers, there are a lot of great options on the market.

By the way, you can use the Oura Ring to detect Covid at the early stages by tracking your heart rate, HRV,   and night temperature changes.

The NBA is using the Oura Ring to detect Covid among its players.

Finally, fitness masks like the one from UnderArmour are stylish and can serve the purpose of protecting you and slowing down the spread of Covid.

  The work-from-home regime has imposed
some limitations on our lives,   but at the same time it gave us an opportunity
to take better control of our workout routine.

   So, a lot of people enhanced or built their
home gyms.

So, here we have several basic ideas of how you can do the same.

Number 1 is getting a home yoga mat for yoga or stretching.

I got an extra thick one from AmazonBasics
and found it awesome.

There are a lot of options available, and I personally don’t
see any fundamental difference among them.

The next one is getting some free weight
dumbbells, the most backlogged product on Amazon.

   During most of 2020, the delivery time
of dumbbells on Amazon was 2 to 3 months.

   The dumbbells come with different designs and

I purchased an adjustable barbell set from Gnpolo, though there are more advanced, stylish options like Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells.

  Several other home gym items include –
foam rollers and here the TriggerPoint   Grid Foam Roller is one of the most popular ones,
resistance Bands – I have simple ones from Limm,   and the TRX all-in-one suspension training set
is a stylish option.

For some reason, I don’t use them that often, though my wife loves them.

Next is a pull-up bar for the doorway – there are simple options like the one from Ceayun and more advanced like the Triple Door Gym from Shamrock.

  A wire jump rope goes next – YZLSPORTS sells a
simple version, but I assume all wire ropes are simple.

Also, I see exercise balls like the one
from Trideer are getting used by some people.

And, finally, some people found an ab roller such as
the one from Vinsguir to be good for ab workouts.

Also, I would like to say that some people went
quite far in building their home gyms.

And, probably, the highlight of the year was Peloton’s
home bike with its heavy TV commercial campaign.

   And we’ll definitely remember that commercial
about the 116 lb woman who undertook a yearlong   fitness journey to becoming a 112 lb woman and then said “I didn’t realize how much this would change me.

” That was ri-di-cu-lous! The Peloton bike had a pricey debut – more than $2,000, so lower-price competitors appeared,
like Echelon with its own $1,000 bike.

  And another quite interesting product from
this year is the Mirror, a full-length mirror with an embedded screen that can stream hundreds of on-demand and live workouts.

It’s positioned as the rival to high-end boutique studios.

It looks like an interesting product, just under $2,000.

And several more products are worth mentioning.

First, weighted blankets like the one from Quility  Blankets.

I see quite polarized opinions on this product – some people love them, but some people feel really uncomfortable sleeping under a 15-lb blanket.

  Another interesting product is a deep muscle massager like the simple one from  Legiral or a fancy one from TheraGun.

Also, I would like to add that the diversity of sleep masks is increasing – masks from Bucky 40 Blinks, IMAK, Bedtime Bliss, and many others.

  And, finally, one cool product – Colgate’s Plaqless Pro – was announced and even received  the innovation award at CES 2020, but didn’t make it to the market this year.

This toothbrush detects biofilm buildup in the mouth so that it can be removed while brushing.

Sounds cool! And I hope we’ll see it in stores in 2021.

By the way, other products that got CES 2020 Innovation award in the Health & Wellness category are Climate360 Smart Bed from Sleep Number and Norm glasses.

So, that’s it for today! I hope this list, extended list this year,   will help you choose the right products for
your family, for your friends, or for yourself  to stay healthy.

And we added links to all these products in the video description, so it will be easy for you to find them.

But if we miss a great product, write it up in the comments section.

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