30 Minute GET FIT Indoor Walking Workout For Women Over 50!

today we’re going to do a 30-minute fat
burning full-body indoor walking workout it’s suitable for beginners but perfect
for everybody it’s fast paced but very very doable you’re going to be able to
keep up and it’s not big on choreography so you don’t lose your place okay it’s
30 seconds on of fast walking and 30 seconds of fast movement and this is 30
minutes of full-on exercise which is going to be great for your body to keep
it in shape while you’re at home particularly if you’re spending time
lying on the couch okay which is fine but make sure that you do a little bit
of work and a little bit of exercise and a little bit of play while you’re in
quarantine so that you can stay sane okay you’re going to love this let’s get
started start by gentle marching and deep breathing so arms above your head
and down breathe in and out this is going to be so much fun
I know it’s thirty minutes but I promise you it’ll feel like fifteen I’ve got a
little timer down the bottom so you can track where you’re up to and a thirty
second timer to help keep you on track start fast walking now and develop your
pace you can either go at the same pace as me slower or you can jog the whole
way through if you follow the same pace as me we’re going to do 3522 steps burn
340 calories and you will have walked 2.

8 kilometers or 1.

8 miles how good is
that so many benefits for something that’s a lot of fun you’re about to set yourself up for a
really really good day and I promise you you can’t do this and feel bad at the
same time let yourself smile forget all your worries just for the mean time and
have some fun thirty seconds of walking you’re here
because you decided to be so make sure that you put in a lot of effort and get
everything you can out of this workout because your body absolutely deserves to
be treated well raise your arms above your head point
your toe across your body and back pace yourself
you’re going to get hot and you’re going to feel great so do the very best you
can take small breaks when you need them and get back in keep going start walking keep your pace up strong
arms strong core strong body strong arms out front cross your hands
and point your toe crossbody have you caught yourself smiling yet? I can see you!
I can’t really, but I am imagining you start walking dance run do whatever
makes you feel good have you set your goal to become fitter and healthier
within the next few months I hope you have and that’s why you’re doing this
workout so good on you arms high in the air and start marching
keep your arms really high and pretend that you’re reaching for something you
think your not doing any work but you are just keep them up high
reach high hold your core in tight keep your walking strong we’re burning
fat we’re burning calories and we’re making our body strong arms out to the side and start marching
we’re going to keep our arms stationary just hold them up and keep them very
very strong keep going you’re doing great thirty seconds of walking stay strong
feel good and don’t let anyone take your crown arms in the air and start taking your
March into a light jog you can take this at your own pace you can run it you can
walk fast or you can do what I’m doing just have fun smile and maybe dance walking moving our body feeling good
keep going take your legs hip width apart hands to
your chest and start twisting but twist with your abs and your glutes rather
than just throwing your body around make it purposeful and this is a really good
ab workout as you’re starting to walk think about
three good things that have happened to you today they don’t have to be big at
the point is that you’re noticing them and the good thing about noticing the
good is that you’re not focusing on the bad take your hand out front and start
twisting have some fun with this you can do a low impact version or you can jump
around it’s entirely up to you it’s just fun start walking another 30 seconds we’re
just going through a changing music keep your pace you’re doing such a great job take your arms out front and kick back
and hit your butt go from side to side and then bring your arms in towards your
chest and back again take a drink of water if you need one
now but keep moving those legs put your arms out parallel to the floor
and we’re going to do kickbacks again keeping your arms in the same position
your body is doing some really great work now so enjoy that keep the momentum
going and don’t give up thank those legs and keep going with another 30 seconds of power walking strong abs
strong arms strong legs arms out to the side palms facing down
start circling and then start moving your legs to match march on the spot and
circle those arms you are doing an amazing job keep going remember those three things you just
thought about that made you feel good well could you include another three
things that happen yesterday that were kind of good
think think think take your arms out wide palms facing
upwards and start circling backwards move your legs march along with it keep
your arms strong and your core held in tight thirty more seconds of indoor walking
fast and furious get that heartbeat up because we’re fat burning and we’re
getting strong we do this every day we do this love take your left leg and tap your heel as
you’re bringing your arms up to your shoulders back and forth back and forth
get into the rhythm this is fun this glorious point is halfway well done
how good do you feel we’ve only got half way to go and it’s going to fly by so
keep going you’re doing such an amazing wonderful terrific fabulous job take
your left leg back and start moving with the beats give your poor held in tight
and your back straight and you’ll notice that all of the work being done is on
the leg that’s not moving can you feel that right leg keep walking
let’s walk it out and then we’ll continue on with the left leg take your
right leg back and go go go come on this is fun I know that you’re smiling well done walk that out
tap your legs and let’s get ready for the next one hands on hips and left legs side back
we’re doing a similar movement to the side this time but we’re still working
on that right leg so keep up your energy and have fun with this walk it out keep going 30 seconds more
of this walking you’ve got this keep going hands on hips and let’s get started with
the right leg keep your left leg strong because it’s being worked right now do you feel energized keep the momentum
going with some fast walking dance if you feel like it but just keep going right hand to left me left hand to right
knee and keep going with that this is great for coordination but take it at
your own pace you might like to take a sip of water
but keep those legs moving walk around the room if you’re doing that and then
come straight back to it like a wide stance and we’re going to
slow box for 30 seconds now when you’re boxing use your abs and your hips to
make the movements with your shoulders and we’re going to do four sets of
boxing all different ways but it’s all going to be working on our abs and
glutes and our hips stop walking keep your heart rate up
it’s just 30 seconds keep going take your legs out wide again and this
time we’re going to punch fast punch to the beat of the music and remember keep
it in your hips and your abs that’s where the magic happens when you’re
boxing it’s so much fun walk it out get your breath back keep
going stay strong you’re doing such an amazing
job this time we’re going into a squat
position and we’re going to slow box make sure you keep your knees rotated
outwards and box with your hips and your ads think of those calories you’re burning
class the 2.

8 kilometres or the 1.

8 miles you’re walking come on keep going
you don’t want to let yourself down the last in our boxing sequence go into
a squat position rotate your knees outwards and fast punch
keep that core held in tight because this is where all the works being done thirty seconds of walking are you
feeling good are you feeling tired it’s hot I know you’ve got a kid going
because you’re committed to this and you’re almost there kids hands on hips left arm left leg out
together strong right leg keep the momentum you’ve only got five minutes to
go we’re slowing the pace ever so slightly
but keep the momentum keep moving keep going you’re almost there hands on hips and take the right arm and
the right leg out at the same time back and forth keep it up and now is a great
time to set yourself some fitness goals look what you’re doing now if you did
something like this every day how do you think you’re going to feel in a couple
of months so make it a commitment that you’re going to exercise every single
day you can do it because you’re amazing thirty Seconds and walking and he’s
feeling good and you’re feeling accomplished well done I think you are put your hands on your hip and lift your
knee as high as you can making sure that you keep your abdominal muscles held in
very tight and your back straight so focus on doing this exercise with your
ab muscles rather than your legs now adding some arms and just keep going we’re on the Homewood stretch keep going
don’t give up now 30 seconds more of fast walking you are a superstar keep
going we’re nearly done take your arms out parallel to the
ground and stop tapping those toes enjoy the feeling of just feeling good if you could do just one thing today to
work on yourself what would that be think about it and maybe just do it keep
walking while you’re thinking hands on your hips and start side typing
and then adding your arms cross body and extend your arms and reach for the stars slow down that walking pace now we’re
going to get our heart rate back down so we can go out and have the best day ever
take it slow but it’s important that you don’t stop all together we’ve got to
bring ourselves back down until our breathing is back to our normal levels here’s what you can tick off your list
for today you’ve just bought one point eight miles or two point eight
kilometers you’ve spent three hundred and forty
calories and you’ve taken three thousand five hundred and twenty two steps well
done how good is bad and if your day is just
getting started imagine what else you can do that was awesome if you got through that
whole thing you’re a star congratulations well done you’ve done it
for the day if you’ve got some energy left
check out this workout and keep going for a little bit longer and if you’re
ready to slow down check out this video so you can stretch slow down and get
ready for the day don’t forget to subscribe for more workouts and more
videos just for you and if you enjoyed this please give a thumbs up thank you
so much for watching and have a beautiful day

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