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Shawn Vig with Shawn v-twin is calm and this is your Pilates for men beginner workout and thank you for joining me today this workout is taken from my brand new ebook Pilates for men yes it’s right very good at Shawn veigue fitness calm features 35 Pilates exercises all body weight perfect for men and women as well and six full length workouts which I am filming on my youtube channel so you can workout directly with me this is the beginner workout total beginners never done Pilates this is perfect for you and you want the perfect book to go along with this book get my brand new Power Yoga for athletes from Fairwinds press available wherever books are sold and you can get at Shawn big finish calm at 25% off Barnes & Noble Amazon Target Walmart wherever you buy books go get it today absolutely this is Pilates for men beginner workout taken from my new ebook Pilates four-minute Sean big finish calm let’s work out together this is very smooth bodyweight only workout will get you into the fantastic world of Pilates going to take this workout directly from the book do it directly the exact same way that’s in the book directly directly I’ll say directly some more let’s begin with toe touches ten times bring the feet together knees together this is called tabletop position fingertips to the back of the head if you ever need more support take the hands under the hips or you can roll up a pillow or put a pillow or roll up a towel put it to the back of your head now toe touches ten times you’re going to inhale lower from the hip brush the toe on the mat exhale bring it in we’re going to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth breathe into those deep abdominals into the belly button so that whole part pooches out here’s four if you like you can add a little crunch in there as we go through these workouts there are always options to add on there are always modifications go at your own speed listen to your body do everything with precision focus concentration and more let’s do one more time if I mess up my counting just do 10 don’t worry about me okay from here we to the tabletop pendulum 10 times keep the feet together tabletop position we’re going to exhale lower halfway to the side you need more support bring the head down take the arms out inhale to the center exhale through the mouth squeeze all the breath out inhale through the nose here’s three big stretch for your sides for your obliques building that stabilization in the core that precision focus concentration and flowing movement all those beautiful principles of Pilates five more times exhale to the side inhale up good three more times try to keep those feet together the very precise very strong always working from your core your abdominals your lower back your hips and your glutes okay single leg stretch one the classic five pilates ab exercises ten times bring your right knee in left leg out fingertips on the knee we’re going to inhale switch the legs exhale extend keep the knees off there’s one to balance out the sides three for precision very nice very nice six seven you can point the feet it’s always fun two more nine and ten into single straight leg stretch flowing from one exercise to the next extend the right leg up grab as high as you can you need to bend the knee that’s okay if you gotta bring the head down do it to exhales we’re going to exhale exhale inhale switch ten times so here’s to let the second exhale take you a little further into the stretch stabilized the core so we’re stretching the legs while we stabilize that beautiful core as I said here’s five five more times six seven eight two more times nine and ten alright come to a seated position for the spine stretch just bring yourself up there spine stretch one of our favorites what do you think Addie’s do you do you think the same thing you little baby you you love when addy stops by to say hello all right I love it feet together draw the toes towards your spine stretch eight times eight times because eight is enough take the arms up here’s the inhale breathe in through the nose if this is too tight in your legs you might have tight hamstrings just bend the knees a little bit more we’ll loosen them up don’t worry that is why we are here we’re going to exhale hinge up and over the toes so don’t touch the toes reach over like you’re rounding over a beach ball get that huge stretch and then inhale bring it back up there’s one exhale through the mouth going on number three press the backs of the knees down loud pickup trucks does everyone have to have loud cars are we that boring our own personalities we have to have our cars be loud think about that all right here comes five the thoughts we have when exercising definitely clear the head we have thoughts sometimes they sound great in the moment later on they don’t sound so good let’s do two more times exhale really reach try keep those arms right up next to the ears squeeze out the breath and one more time there we go reach press the backs of the knees down and we come right up into the saw my father’s favorite exercise heels to the outside edges of the mat take the arms out two pulses we’re going to twist exhale exhale inhale reach above into the outside that foot and look to the back arm here’s two and three you’re a golfer you play tennis any sport this is a fantastic exercise for I’m watching you at ease five six give a thumbs up if you work out with your dog as well all right two more times let’s make it make a day of it and once more feel that looseness in the spine yeah all right bird dog hands and knees position ten times great balance core exercise here hands under the shoulders open the fingers wide elbows in shoulders ak inhale right arm left leg balance it up exhale come down that’s one opposites inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth three and four you got it we’re going for ten five keep that balance keep the focus eyes on the mat tuck that chin seven eight take it two more times nine look at all the stuff we’re doing already this is amazing and ten now classic plank is Ajoke here for a moment I don’t have a crew it’s me and Adi Adi and I classic plank right here hands are the shoulders let’s hold it for 30 seconds I’m just going to count I don’t have the timer elbows in drop the knees if you need to shoulders are back press the heels back lots of breath there’s 10 seconds 1569 do 10 more seconds hang in there five more seconds four three two one fantastic bring it down to your forearms the baby Cobra pulse 10 times elbows are the shoulders palms flat you’re going to exhale hinge forward lengthen to the top of had a huge stretch and then inhale up you ready here is to go on for 10 big stretch then we work the core works Leslie lower back three four five five more times this is a fantastic beginner workout definitely keep it a little challenging we don’t want to give you too too easy of a workout you get bored you don’t want to do anymore always a little challenge in here two more times again forgive my counting if I’m one off that’s just extra credit all right now one more exercise one more called the breaststroke take the arms to the side it’s definitely a swimming move here how many we doing here we got six six excuse me my family and I are looking for Zechs schweinhund all right as you inhale reach the arms forward open the legs exhale pull the arms back close it shut okay there’s one let’s go two and three long lean muscles no matter what sport or activity you do this will improve your performance incredibly you know LeBron James is doing Pilates now good for him he seems to do pretty well I’m gonna do one more time reach and pull and then if you need to little stretch your little child pose and that my friends is your Pilates for men beginner workout feature to my new ebook Pilates for men available at Sean Vig fitness.

com watch for the other workouts in this series right from the book keep it as efficient for you as possible you can take these workouts do them anywhere at any time make sure you download my free fitness app for Apple and Android that’s at Sean big fitness calm and of course get a copy of your own book Pilates for athletes no how are you he’ll go for athletes from Fairwinds press get it Sean big fitness calm or go to Barnes & Noble wherever you buy books get yourself a copy make sure you take a photo and tag me 120 poses 25 total workouts training logs for every sport every athlete or anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice full-color photos descriptions just like the Pilates from any book we got you covered we got you covered alright subscribe like comment share with everyone I will see you soon intermediate workout advanced workout hard abs strong back Pilates for athletes we all got them only here at the Shawn big Fitness YouTube channel subscribe so you don’t miss a beat that’s enough

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