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Hey guys, we’re here in beautiful Byron
Bay, my name’s Luke Zocchi.

Hang on – I’m not American;
I can just do it Australian, yeah? Hey guys, I’m Luke Zocchi, I’m
Chris Hemsworth’s trainer and I’m gonna take you
through a workout with Chris himself.

– Producer: Luke, we we’re not gonna do it with Chris.

– Why not?
– We can’t get him mate, he’s too expensive.

–Then who are we gonna use?
– I’ve no clue right now, we trying to figure it out.

– Let’s get onto it now, okay?
– Sure.

We just wrapped on the film Men In Black.

The look for this film was to go for more of an athletic, less bulky look than
Thor, so I designed the program with dumbbells, body weight exercises, and
basically like a circuit, we just keep moving for 30 minutes.

It’s worked out
great for us because we travel a lot on the film and wherever we were we could
get this workout done.

Let’s go have a look.

We’re gonna start with the warm up.

Warm-up is so important for every workout – really sets you up for a good
workout, prevents injuries.

We’d normally like to warm up for 10 minutes – let’s
start with a simple exercise like walking on your hands.

This is constant
for 10 minutes; don’t let your feet touch the ground.

I’m only joking – this is Bobby,
Chris’ stuntman! — Fancy seeing you here, mate! — Hello legends!
— I’m gonna tag Bobby through the workout.

First exercise we’re going to do for the
warm-up is bear crawls.

This is a great exercise to use because it’s full body workout –
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

We’re gonna start slow and progressively get quicker, force
going up, keeping your core tight, and then now your shoulders are driving you

This is a perfect bodyweight exercise to really get that heart rate
up and get nice and warm.

— Is it normal that I’m tired already? – It’s meant to be hard, mate.

The second exercise we’re doing for the warmup is
body weight squats.

20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Bob now I want you to do a squat – here I want you standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, basically all I want you to do is pretend
like you’re sitting down and keep the weight on your heels, keep that core
tight, and keep your spine neutral.

You can overcomplicate squatting — just pretend
like you’re sitting down in a chair and you keep your weight on your heels.

You’re gonna get there.

– How’s my breathing? Suck? Good?
– Good, mate.

– Good good? Now that Bob’s nice and warm, we’re
going to go into the workout.

We’re gonna do 8 weighted exercises
for 8 reps, then into 3 core exercises with no break, going through it 3
times – are you ready Bob? — Yeah, I mean at least it’s not hot.

So.First exercise is a weighted Burpee.

it’s just like doing a normal body weight Burpee, but you got weights in your hand.

So let’s go Bob – I want you to bend down, keeping your core tight, toes out –
spine is neutral, head in good position.

One more, let’s go Bob.

Down, core tight – looking forwards,
back stays neutral, then up.

– Booyah! The second exercise we’re going to do
is a curl and press.

This is working the biceps and shoulders into one

It’s a bit more functional, keeping your core switched on, and we’re
just gonna rep them out, aren’t we Bob? – Yes we are! Bob, pull up with the curl.

Here I want you to keep your shoulders back into press.

Keeping that core tight,
weight on your heels, head in neutral position.

Just curl and press.

Now we’re onto the goblet squat,
we’re hitting the lower body.

Great thing about a goblet squat is it’s
exactly like a bodyweight squat, but you’re really focusing more on core here– because naturally, that weight is pulling you forward.

– Aww YES.

The next exercise we’re gonna do is
standing tricep extensions.

This is a bit more functional by
standing up, a game we’re really testing the core here, and then we’re gonna be
working on the triceps.

Are you ready now, Bob?
– Ready.

Let’s do it.

The main thing here is you want to
keep your back straight and your core tight, elbows back.

That’s really
going to put tension on the triceps and really focus on the muscle we’re working here – but
always remember form and keep your back straight.

Perfect Bobby, good work.

See how his head’s nice and neutral? He’s looking
forward, he’s keeping that core tight as he’s working these triceps.

The fifth exercise
we’re going to do is a reverse lunge curl.

This is hitting arms and legs
at the same time.

Very functional.

Are you ready?
– Born ready.

Set up for this exercise – I want you stepping back with your right foot, and you’re going to do the curling motion as you come down.

Just so
functional, this exercise – you’re working legs, biceps at the same time.

Doing this
as well, you’re really testing your core.

Good work Bob, good work.

The last three exercises,
six, seven and eight, are purely designed at hitting shoulders
at every angle.

Here we’re gonna start with a lateral
raise – the biggest thing here is you want to control the weight.

You don’t want to be
arching your back, so control the weight.

Don’t start too heavy.

So start off for
the lateral raise, keeping your core tight, control that weight.

Now into a
front raise and into an upright row.

Keep that chin straight; good work Bob.

To finish we’re going to do core exercises.

We’re going to do three exercises, eight
reps each.

We’re going to do a plank punch out, a plank pulse,
and a plank pike.

You ready? – Plankage.

Setting up for the plank, I want to put
your elbows underneath your shoulders, your knees here, and I want you to switch
on your core before you go into the plank – so switch on your core now, Bob – go
up into plank – now I want you to punch.

Eight punches, keeping that core tight at
all times.

Pulse you’re just rocking forward so your whole body goes forward and back.

One, two, three.

Now Pike you’re just coming up here,
driving up.

One – good.

Pull up! Really focus on pulling that core in as you come up.



That’s the Men in Black workout done.

You need thirty minutes to smash it out; It’s gonna get you shredded and chiseled
and you may look like Bobby.

– Thanks for the tor– I mean the training,
not the torture.

I swear you’re the best, mate.

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