| DAY 1 | Women’s FAT LOSS Workout AT HOME! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Sunny: Hey thanks for tuning into My Bollywood Body.

I am your host sunny with Madame Sukhi Ji.

Sunny: We shouldn’t say Madam Sukhi ji, just Sukhi ji.

Sukhi: Sukhi ji, but tiny sukhi ji
Sunny: Are you sad ji, or happy ji Sukhi: Always Happy Thank you very much for the support, a lot of ladies ask us help us, we want to workout at home.

We have kids, can’t go to the gym or can’t afford gym membership.

Or there are too many guys at gym and you don’t want to go there.

Today is your first day, you want to get started, as a matter of fact you don’t even need a gym.

For ladies I always recommend, you can stay at home, take two dumbbells and start your workout.

It takes you 1.

5, 2 or 2.

5 months before you actually go hit the gym.

So we asked Sukhi Ji for her expertise to come and help demonstrate workouts.

She is very happy right now, once we get her doing the workouts, she will be done.

Happy Ji (Sukhi Ji) will become Sad ji (Dukhi ji) Sukhi: My Makeup will come off First exercise we will do.

It’s your first day at the gym, I am gonna make you go through a routine that I get my clients to do.

If you stretch, you are less likely to get injured.

Eat your food in the day 6-7 times, Make sure you drink enough water, so your muscle stays hydraded.

Sleep plays a major role so that your body recovers and its never tired.

Then once you come to the gym, Stretch.

Put pressure on your joints and see if there is any pain.

The first day you have to make sure you understand your body to ensure you don’t have any injury.

That you don’t have any ligament problems.

If it’s good, relax a bit, make it a little loose.

Just don’t slap me.

Slowly, slowly.

Learning your body, to see if you have any problems in joints or ligaments Girl, don’t worry, you aren’t here to do belly dance, we are here to workout.

This is a stretch, 1 min, 1.5 min you stretched.

Now we are going to go through your workout, I will tell you as we go along.

Day one at home, specially for ladies or guys (it’s the same workout) So we are going to start off with first exercise, called high knees.

First you will gain stamina, then strength, agility, flexibility and balance.

As a beginner when you start gym/exercise, you don’t have stamina, you don’t have strength agility, flexibility and you have a thought ‘I want to lose weight’.

You can never lose weight like this, you will get hurt.

First exercise, after a mile stretch.

Spread your legs shoulder width apart.

Breathe in your nose and out your mouth.

Look into the camera and smile, let’s see how fast your makeup comes off.

Look at that, the guy can workout too.

That’s your basic move, 50 high knees.

If you are a big heavier, 60kg or 70kg or 80kg lady and you just started workout.

You won’t be lifting your knees that high.

First exercise, she did 50 high knees.

You have to do this 4 times (4 sets) You did it 50 times, then you will take 1 mins break.

By doing this, if you aren’t active, you are taking your heart rate right to the ceiling.

Give your body a break, 1 mins, walk it off, drink some water Then do 50 reps, take a break, do another 50, take a break.

You did this for Stamins, 4 sets, 50 reps.

10 mins passed.

First you did 4 sets, 50 reps of high knees.

Take about a minute break in between.

Now you are going to do 4 sets of 8-10 push ups.

Female push ups with knees on floor feet straight, you are on your toes.

Keep turning, do 7 rounds of marriage.

Now we are gonna do squats.

You wanna lose weight you have to work a lot on your chest, you have to work on your back and you have to work on your legs.

Because they are three big dominant muscles.

As compared to you doing your arms, calves, it won’t work.

Yes it has a benefit, but this is the major areas that you need to target.

Close the legs a bit.

Your legs should be shoulder width apart.

Basically the inner part of your feet should land where your shoulder ends.

First you do the squats then I will correct you.

Keep going, you aren’t suppose to stop, you are a model, you charge, you keep doing it and I keep talking.

Key thing, whenever you are squatting, your feet are always at an angle You did high knees, 4 sets, 50 reps.

You did 4 sets of 8-10 reps of pushups.

You did 10-12 reps, 4 sets of squats.

Key in this exercise is start on your toes, land on your toes, breathe in through nose, out through mouth.

So first exercise you did high knees, 4 sets, 50 reps.

After that 8-10 reps of 4 sets of push ups.

After that 4 sets, 10-12 reps of squats.

Then 4 reps, 25 jumping jacks.

After each set there is a 1 min break.

You need to understand by working on your abs, specially if you are looking into losing weight by working on your stomach, your stomach won’t go in.

So now as a beginner, if its your first time doing stomach exercise.

You now need to understand the difference between pain & soreness.

So this is pain (dukhta hai).

And this is soreness.

So soreness is the pain you feel after workout.

Pain is what you feel when someone slaps you.

Don’t sue me.

Down means your heals should touch the ground.

Sukhi: I need support.

Sunny: I will get a tractor/trailer from outside you can put that under you.

Your heels need to touch the floor.

This workout if you are doing it at home, it will take you half an hour.

I want you to do it every other day in the beginning Do it one day and one day break, do it again, one day break.

Do it for 6-7 days, you will get sore and heal then we start fresh.

First exercise, 4 sets – 50 reps of high knees.

Second exercise 4 sets, 8-10 reps of push ups.

Third exercise, 4 sets, 10-12 squats
Fourth exercise, 25 reps, jumping jacks, 4 sets.

Last exercise, 10-12 reverse crunches, 4 sets.

Sallu: Sir, (video) became long, we gotta make other workout videos too.

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