English vocabulary – FITNESS HEALTH – palabras en inglés

hello and welcome to today’s English lesson my name is Stuart in today’s lesson we’re looking at words and expressions we use in English when we talk about keeping fit let’s go to the intro now as I said today’s lesson is about this topic here which is keeping fit and we all know that nowadays it’s important to keep a certain level of fitness or try to keep fit because we have sedentary lifestyles and we let’s be honest we don’t do as much exercise as we should or at least a lot of us now I tried to keep fit but it’s difficult with the hectic lifestyles that we have nowadays and it’s difficult to find the time or the motivation to keep fit but these are the words that more or less we can use when we talk about this particular topic so when we keep fit okay we can also use the verb to be to be fit or that we can say that we are fit we also try to get fit and once we get fit we try to stay fit of course okay so so we keep fit or we stay fit we are fit or we try to get fit now another way to say to keep fit is to say that you are in shape you could also say that you’re in good shape or bad shape of course and you can also say that you are in good Nick or in bad Nick okay this is a more informal way of saying in good shape so you can say look at Ted he’s in really good Nick at the moment okay he’s in good shape he likes to keep fit in order to keep fit we need to exercise all we need to do exercise we can play sport we need to be active we need to do activities in order to keep fit so we can run we can go jogging we can go swimming we can go walking even we can even ride our bicycles in order to keep fit there are many many many ways that we can keep fit or get fit if you are not in shape keeping fit is related to our health we want to be healthy because a lot of us are unhealthy so we want to try to get healthy okay we want to try to get healthier we want to try to be healthy and getting fit or keeping fit is a way to keep healthy so we can be in good health we can be in poor health or we can be in excellent health okay excellent health and normally if you are in excellent health it’s because you are keeping feet people like to get fit or to keep fit because they have weight issues or they have weight problems maybe they’re overweight they have trouble to lose weight they have trouble to drop weight or they have problems to shed kilos problems to shed kilos now when I was young I had no problem shedding kilos I could shed kilos like that but as you get older it becomes harder and harder to shed kilos basically to get fit or to keep fit you need to be motivated you need to have a high level of motivation because you have to get out every day or three or four times a week and run do the exercise it’s hard there’s a lot of alternatives that are more attractive so we need to be motivated we also need to have a strong willpower strong willpower which is the determination a strong determination because as I said it’s not easy to go out when it’s cold and exercise it’s not easy to go out when it’s hot an exercise so you need to have the will power if you have all of these characteristics and you love to keep fit you love to do exercise you could consider yourself a fitness guru okay and then you can teach other people how to become fit and healthy now thank you very much for watching the lesson if you have any questions or any comments please leave them in the section below question of the day are you fit if so what do you do to keep fit how do you keep fit and how did you get fit what sport do you play what do you do don’t forget to share the video on social media Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest share it up on social media I’ll see you in the next lesson have a good day bye

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