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at one point in our lives we’ve made an assumption an assumption that we ultimately regret it but we probably learned from that assumption I’ve made a lot of those bad assumptions in my life I learned a lot from them but there’s one that particularly stands out it absolutely changed my life so about seven years ago I was struggling with the kidney disease and inherit kidney disease called polycystic kidney disease runs rampant my family so what happened is I was in and out of the hospital constantly I got to tell you something when you’re in the hospital that much it gets boring you can only watch so many prices right reruns you can only sit there and read so many books so what I would do is I grab my IV pole and I’d start walking around the hallways my source of entertainment was eavesdropping and all the conversations the nerves were having nurses we’re having with their patients like oh that’s interesting I never knew that about cardiovascular disease next room cetera I’ll never forget one room that I came on I came upon a gentleman was being discharged from the hospital from what I could gather from this conversation he had been in the hospital for quite some time and he had some sort of heart surgery and the nurse said well aren’t you excited you’re getting out of here is like I’m really excited cuz what are you gonna do take my wife out to dinner she does that fantastic where are you gonna take your what oh we’re gonna go to McDonald’s how much time your wife is gonna be pissed you’re going to McDonald’s oh goodness some like says how’s the nerves gonna respond to this and she said phone I don’t know that’s the greatest idea and his response which changed my life he said don’t worry I’m going to get the fish fillet so immediately grabbed my IV form walked or Jeff room you kiddin me fish fillet I was really and I kind of thought about what he said and all the time that I spent in the hospital dialysis genius doctors offices all these people that I came across that were struggling with disease I heard that had support these people because I knew a lot of them were there because the choices they made in the foods they ate and in activity in their lives but I was that was not a good thing for me to do it’s a very bad attitude was my background is in health from exercise science these people don’t know better when I go back and think about his response and he said don’t worry I’m going to get that fish sandwich he actually thought that was a healthy choice he thought that was a good decision and that’s when I said you know what if I recover for when I’m going through my goal is to reach as many people as possible to make sure they understand the simple aspects of nutrition and exercise and how they can change our lives listen I want to change a lot a lot of the 315 plus million people in the US that’s a lot what’s interesting a hunt and 17 million of those people have one or more chronic diseases that could have been offset if they chose better foods if they move around a little bit more 1.

5 billion people are either obese or overweight listen I can talk sophistic s– all day numbers all day but I don’t want to talk about that there are many variables that we can do to change this I’m going to talk about one and that’s how we get our information and how to keep information simple listen we hear about nutrition and exercise every single day we see it on social media Alcala friends to dinner we talk about it news magazines whatever it may be we hear about what’s right what’s wrong etc and then you have all the experts all right I put that lightly experts okay ultimately these experts are pushing supplements they’re pushing extreme ways to exercise etc often they’re making things more difficult and often what they preach is not evidence-based there’s no scientific literature to support it openly they’re getting something out of it all right but when we take away it’s not simple they’re making things way too difficult so I broke the Northeast Philly I’m a small guy I have a big math so I figured you know what I can learn how to defend myself at one point in my life so I started taking you know from very early age I started taking some blocks and some karate little bit of wrestling I did this all the way up into my late forties can I saw a lot instructors and I’ll never forget this one structure I had he was very very good and the reason was he stuck to the fundamentals we went in there every day and we learned the same punches the same kicks the same footwork I learned a lot from him they carry over and to me learning those skills the rest of my life in and holding awesome now a lot of the others instructors I came across basically the first day we’re going to learn couple you know a bunch of the second day you’re going to learn a flying jump kick what wine is okay Ellie not a punching you’re having jump off chairs I was thank you didn’t stick to the fun to that there’s a great saying proverb I love it be the man a fish you feed a meal teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime I want to feed people for a lifetime with the fundamentals and listen it’s not that hard if you go to shop right all right today I’m going to eat strawberries I’m going to put it down strawberry pop-tarts congratulations you made a fantastic decision if you decide to get the oatmeal over Cap’n Crunch that’s a terrible decision Captain Crunch is the best area on you see we’re on dog we can keep this pretty simple but unfortunately what makes nutrition specifically so hard to understand so hard to grasp is the diet out there everyone one point in our life has been on a diet and unfortunately diets make things difficult that is like religion nowadays you see something about diet on social media every single day on the news every single day and I hate to admit this but they work in a reason they work is there some set principles one it’s structured it’s more structure than we normally eat – they often eliminate processed foods this is it which is a good thing and they often eliminate one major macronutrient whether it’s protein fat carbohydrate what this does we intake less calories or more structured like I said so we see gain we lose weight our blood work might be a little bit better but ultimately the bad thing about this it’s quick fix it happens overnight and this is why we go yogic diet because they create boundaries you can’t eat certain foods so when you have ice cream you have failed your diet you’ve stepped outside that boundary and that peach it up and what happens is you again and you do it again to the point where you’re not following that diet and maybe some of the good nutritional principle that guy has instilled so that’s why we yo-yo so much but let’s look at just some sensual nutritional habits that we can instill into our lives when we go shop and everything we’ve heard this time and time again let’s seek out fruits and vegetables let’s seek out foods with lots of fiber all right your oats your drains your fruits your vegetables your dark leafy greens but seek out healthy fats that we find in healthy oils nuts seeds fish avocados if you want to eat meat that fine just make sure you have a wide variety of it and we want to have a wide variety of all the other foods which is as well meat gets a bad rap and it’s ultimately because I’m an average American tation probably 72 times the amount that we can actually absorb and use that is not a statistic so please don’t quote me on and get what I’m saying so those four basic principles we have seen in the scientific literature that evidence for the past 50 years that when you follow these it leads to offsetting chronic disease increased quality of life more black power all right we do have to be aware of the sugars this is my son first time he had had cake it was like I don’t even know what it was like it was even pretty excited let’s put it that way with that said we are these sugars these refined sugars we have to limit them processed foods you see at the end of the aisle of supermarket we have to limit them there’s no nutritional value to this stuff all right I’m not saying completely get rid of it because listen my family’s from Northeast Philly if you told me that I had to stop being cheap state or not she’s facing hoagies our food group in my fast right which that said let’s just use that old principle of moderation let’s limit these foods and they may want to get you might want to omit them from your nutritional habits but again we’re all human and unfortunately with these salty sugary based foods that we like watch a lot of TV and we watch a lot of terrible TV let me tell ya so with accent yeah I was American spending nine and a half hours a day plus looking at their phone on the computer or watching TV average American spends 160 minutes in front of the TV a day but they spend less than 20 minutes in a kitchen preparing food Martha Stewart is pissed if she found out you wanted to spend 20 minutes in the kitchen today she’s not happy all right and what else is this cost inactivity we’re not moving we’re not moving at all we need to get out and move more alright because we have a lot of things that ultimately just set us up to sit down and sit down a long time dr.

Stephen Blair did a study looking at the predictors of that the number one predictor of death was low cardiorespiratory fitness aka sitting disease we sit too much yeah we have to get out and move more I’m not telling you you have to run them out all right I’m saying you need it out 30 to 45 minutes a day and move all right walk your dog ride a bike the American Council Sports Medicine says 30 to 45 minutes a day is what we need to get now listen that’s a reach for many of us I coached athletes to do five days 10 page marathons sprint triathlons etc some of them don’t do 45 minutes a day of activity that is a goal that is something you want to reach for you maybe don’t have to ten minutes a day all right maybe 10 minutes in the morning ten minutes at night but we keep days with movement we want to do it frequent frequently we don’t want to just walk hour 30 minutes and then those sit down for nine hours because what we’re seeing in the literature is that 30 minutes is not as beneficial for you when you followed it up by sitting out after hour after hour get up and move now the reason treadmills at work all right I listen I go I love this idea we’re thinking outside the box we’re walking at work but if you ever watch these treadmills I kid you not this is how fast people are walking all right that’s not doing much for you if you can’t fit in 10 minutes in the morning ten minutes at night without doing it while you’re working your booking yourself to type it’s time to work on some time management let alone basic nutrition and exercise all right get out move often look that’s it I told you the basic principles of nutrition and exercise very simple how do we implement how do we make them last a lifetime when I first started my health and sewing company 12 years ago was very excited for my first client I had 30 pages of paperwork I had him fill out because I wanted to know everything about this person and as I’m going for him seeing a lot of red flags okay over 40 years old 50 pounds overweight lots of high blood pressure risk of cardiovascular disease because in his family and then I saw well here’s your problem you eat six Snickers bars a day that’s a lie all right stop eating Snickers bars Hey all right if I would have done Matt Joe sweets like I’m eating right back on the horse and he would’ve ultimately maybe even six seven eight standards so what I do in the next 15 months is I gradually brought that out of his nutritional choice 15 months later he was eating – Snickers bar of the day cut up into six pieces he was implementing every single thing I just told you about in small doses we took the baby step approach all right we didn’t take the fast food quick meant how we approach I want to do everything overnight now when you would fill this stuff in small steps they don’t become chores they become habits and that’s what we want to still one still the basic principles that I created you’ll remember that you’ve heard a lot of it before and then you just want to do at the base at fashion so do me a favor

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