Fitness Experiment: Glücklich durchs Abnehmen? | Muss ich schön sein? Folge 1/5

[Music] she probably knows that in the morning too from the mirror and actually thinks i look ok but the belly is So in the last few months my hips have gotten pretty fat i think i’m way too much fat i’m really muscular i’m not really muscular either I often don’t feel really good in my body and when I’m up look at instagram then i think all guys only look out of the ordinary six pack and heavy upper arms and then I’m still dissatisfied with mine body i want three weeks right now hard work my body and find out if I am comfortable then [Music] and over there is the coast and me hope he can help her hey what’s up properly off I have nothing to do with really big muscles Or something like that, but just a bit more defined, defined body but as little fat as we can to say what to do so that something could be done for those out there, yes that feels so awesome I would say let’s see something together my values ​​such result in body composition body fat percentage muscle mass and then look what we’re going to put in the pillory of this cool that I have never done that [Music] then you have them here now muscle mass that said you were at 32 percent it is the average range as it is in any case in need of improvement his body fat percentage 1 percent is 19 8 all that we see here is disastrous health-wise great but also for the city figure that’s not that either optimal as we imagine it together 90.

50 I would like to measure that with you that would be for me and now yes, I have one too now looked around a bit on instagram then you can understand there you are even that is somehow such a blatant one I feel like I’m just too fat and I’m just kind of not good enough or yes that’s right so I’ll say it up insider posted you always know that in the best moment my photos post is that is definitely also gives people who think okay kristic always like that and I am aware that it is definitely one of the weaknesses never fast food that can lead to negative thoughts at first I am also aware but at the end of the day exactly what I do want to get across because that can motivate people and a little give pain because pain is just a big move and to be with to start something i have now, however, can here put together the whole thing is also muscle building strength gain fears that So now the cut for the next three weeks, so to speak, but now it was in the stake that will be tough that we as soon as we catch right with the first device he should go up here now the last way is really very good, you always have to stay exciting not come up anymore what is it that you really enjoy now I can already ask a little whether that is also on the in the end all that is worth feeling a little better in the swimming pool on the mountain All of that will definitely be that here after the three weeks remember and once you are inside then everything will be easier for you outdoor pool all of the outdoor pool [music] [Applause] how long what do we do now for a few minutes still more whole now yes the reason you said i want to put muscles on me was That was also very much from the pain because everyone was around me always said hey chris but mostly for the study does something although i do I really did a lot of sport back then, but I didn’t look like that that is now working shortly before I was 17 So there you found yourself somehow too thin so you can see that my upper arms were just as good as mine forearm and I saw that I only saw the other and that was yes then also with his movement for me to really get started with the training after twelve weeks it was absolutely amazing the reactions I got it like I said it got me too Being really motivated for the tournament is not so nice when I’m one now If you looked at the game, I would definitely say yes, I like it when I go watch game ten centimeters belly circumference has been the since this week different from you i want a little something if you at least maybe that Not only with all the training but we also need nutrition switch travel bot should you have to malevolently also my whole wheat bread fierce exactly is so much cheese that will be less today because that is a lot So all in all, I can remember fat so I can remember it less of what I like to eat that’s exactly where it is sun and rain everyone at the beginning meets the most important thing for you in the calorie that we at the end the day is just slightly different, most of the calorie deficit is also hate like a punch in the pit of the stomach so okay you’re somehow fatter than them norm your arms are puny, your stomach is too fat and you’ve already eaten always wrong so number has the first difficult in the end that gets great first day of my experiment it starts today Butter and cheese have to hit jam not that good, but I do I said delicious cereal with a few nuts and almonds milk really works, i didn’t become which but very good chris said yes, I always have to keep to one another, I don’t know when that last time so many vegetables and greens in a shopping basket that he now had i did it now a member of the gym [Music] once you’ve overcome yourself there also really bock 25 that should be the content here [Applause] [music] so today i have sore muscles in my forearm in my shoulders in my upper arm a bit in my stomach so today it really falls me pretty hard to get up but I definitely have to go today gym [music] the first week of training is behind me So I would already see the difference that it is on the hip a little less I would say a little on top everything should be tighter that’s so cool even though I’ve only been doing this intense exercise for a few days I seldom felt so weak in my life as I do at the moment I like my bread cheese so much I think you can tell by the cheese side it has become a bit flatter again it is getting slowly I’m off work and I’m still meeting my colleagues here in the beer garden and it’s bombastic weather I really feel like a cool, light one that my exploit doesn’t eat that or what I always have to eat lightly stay stocky says my fitness coach I’ve been doing it for a week and a half that is already driving so slowly is on my nerves but I think there is a little more happening in the face of me already a bit violent in the face I’m on my way to the It’s been work since 9 and I already have to think about how I plan my day when I think about how much it will cost incredible [music] amsterdam actually have that the stomach is as good as gone [music] instead of doing a lot of muscle work totally great result before the three weeks of training are now at last over i meet chris now and i’m very excited about what you mean body changed i would see 73 it was really exhausting so i did I took a lot of good things out of it somehow, for example The change in diet was also good for me physically in some cases I think a couple of things I would keep but not so extreme what I have noticed is just that I go out less and less often meet friends do you know that about yourself at the beginning it was already difficult time that was also a time for me when I questioned that, that makes everything i need all this time and the routine has become easier and easier for me made and then I noticed more and more what is important to me how can i share it optimally and i definitely wouldn’t want to miss first check what the results say [Music] So you really have the last time suffered and accelerated especially the body fat percentage so that is real the most amazing you have now i put on in the short time of 19 8 15 percent reduced that is madness, that is, really insane that was his problem area and then two belts snow so it was really hard working we look something does one say so here you can see now here very well these are now only 82 centimeters what that is, that means you have 88 and a half centimeters lost and that is really madness you will then for yourself if you are now before the game are going what do you have a feeling so often now correspond more to that how I would like to be but of course I also know what the right price is i pay for it at the beginning i thought it was really cool and then I wondered if it really was like that It is good that you can almost see your confirmation his body picks up and that is also something very dangerous that could also be fully good that at some point you can’t stop anymore want that can also become an addiction the whole subject that is another one Maybe also tip everyone that they just see that we are not one-sided that you only go to the gym and only think of this body but also of that body Other areas in life also do not take into account this whole fitness experiment also made for the reason that I don’t want to feel more beautiful and now I don’t ask so in retrospect I actually had to be beautiful what would you say is important once only to gain self-confidence and that helps you because the workers help the nutrition at you you just have good self-confidence but only for the motivation to look beautiful it would be for others to do that here and there I give you right that only helps a little to find oneself china knows because the awareness stands my fitness experiment is over now i want to Find out in the next few weeks whether I have to be beautiful at all I would be interested in how important is beauty to you, write me that please in the comments

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