Fitness: Top 5 Übungen gegen Hüftspeck

hello i am happy that you are with us i have the five fixed exercises for you today against and enjoy bacon brought to us women However, I like very briefly what is very important to me personally is we can build up muscles in a targeted manner whether we are deliberately reducing the fat that always does a thing because of it you are always aware of not only the strength training but also the Explanation is a very very important art and endurance training and that’s why my five best love handles are also something with two dynamic exercises for us there will be one at first exercise of my five best exercises glider the start a little shock that is the structure and then the first exercise comes out so start at the place often very close it may not be quite as high so a little if whole body warms my metabolism comes in slowly and surely okay if that feels good you can of course do that Movement also make your arms bigger until you put your feet up behind you very important stay firmly in your stomach that makes a few more beautiful places when it is too much would be a little if it is good then pull the right back heels stay active 32 then bring your legs together first exercise given in twist you slide stuck here from right to left take the arms with the pretty smaller or bigger that’s the first we need firm remains noted maybe the hearty ones infected up hairdressing is will were remains for 432 nice super that was the first exercise maybe you realize you are pregnant become the second we start in popular sport puts the feet outwards and yes the two are and it runs through the whole body this is the exercise that stimulates the metabolism and you know it again it goes into the legs and is pulling both up and up remains with five more and tpg it still remains last you did that great, okay, we’re on the third of mine five best exercises rain love handles are almost let out of the arms up to the right reach the air imagine you’re really pulling something with force to yourself and away give it to your knees with your upper body ^ ^ off to his balance and pond and here when you are looking for your balloon then you can now pull this together as well focus this is italy that is the love handles high and low and high the gentlemen windows where used take your opportunity, the main thing is that you feel sika and here and preach here and turn in and want to leave and turn in and wakes you turn away oh that was fun and it can be happen that is quite normal in me all at once seemed to remain 2 and 8 the whole side here meanwhile also sloping thalia and flat track right his house now the poor take hold of those who bring them together with the same table something that will give you energy and which you will still kneel on for the first time are right on their feet 100000 is talking more and more It is important here and advice and goals and law certainly always regulates that having more energy than being able to be anything she can say, pia bauer says think like the dax Again we can be really good at targeting something the whole package is therefore always not further away into the elbe it pushes away 2 ledgers and fool you, you’re made for them next two thieves to the ground so we are allowed to go is a dream a bit intense and then suddenly let go for that we come on the forearms in the supported, I’ll show you the first really crisp variations and showed something afterwards or in the meantime Gentler on the forearm stretches before first tension and then Do you feel you are in the school building on the left and go back to it later exhalation 1 it is important that the foot is allowed a little be off the ground that’s right so it helps it can be and then except you So pull everything together again here because you are mine states it goes here other place 2 if you say everything is great but knowing a lot puts the right knee down does the same here does wood fence fit that is right and important to be trained again away from the floor another 54 these are really crisp exercises 2 a last stop never take off at the end the next page we only start again quite intensely what does that mean there are rights degenerate transtec first of all the right leg and shoulder together and a little together here if you think you are a lot even the left knee with a stick and continued to drive the right leg to tilt the upper body The report page remains in the basin is stabilized by the colorful on position also facetime is still 5 still four how do you make the run it there are two last stops, breathe again and then support get high this was the fourth of 15 best exercises for height and we are now moving towards the very relaxed so love in the end happy from the cockpits and take that is really a help the poor loosens his feet from the ground his legs are at right angles or bring it to you your insides together with your feet, for example here with a stable free club to be laid out says I would of course we won’t hit the ground because we want to work every whole page and you two, you work you still seem and the way to the other side if i stop here i don’t stop and of course i have here too a variant with super if you say but right so you get page if We can force it to be so light, the two are hardly up to the display also here variant to dubai long both half short always have to feel that it is very important to me that we are always the monastery pond and you on the other hand are allowed to feel that one constriction in training even if you are over it long applause With feel hjm strength from my short time back again and again for quite a long time to see my doctor A tent is very important for the place, four of which make you more beautiful in your pacific you just worked it is his conclusion make your legs longer here then you are really tight one last time stop again for a moment, really this time felt everything collapse when you now the two back in case she closed be the poor put your other leg up and those were my five best over against he speaks i hope you enjoy training

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