Fitness Workout für definierte Arme und Schultern

hello and welcome to the strong shoulders and taut program poor you trust a maximum of two small bottles of water maybe you have too act there you can take this too let’s start right away stand on your feet a little more looking outwards the knees are loose The belly is also aligned in the spine take your arms by the side of a body and trier your palms a little to the outside we begin to breathe out high draw a capital v with your arms and breathe in deeply, breathe out high and deep inhale while doing this, your biceps looks towards the ceiling go to heaven and you also go into the shoulder muscles outside come up and take a deep breath when you come up, maybe a little bit more exciting more on the stomach so it stays the upper body on everyone fall upright come up and down the highest point is about shoulder high and the deepest is back on your body unless you have high and one I recommend you take at the beginning maybe 0 5 liter bottles if you have become strong then you can too The one liter bottles or 1.

5 liter bottles go up and down Keep thinking about it, a biceps here is the front of an upper arm who looks at the ceiling and your elbow looks your elwog point again and again low to the ground then an arm position is just right for this exercise also had rehearsals in the upper body upright high and low when you did this if you do the exercise long enough then it may also be that you use your chest muscles These three muscle groups feel something the tips shoulder demand proportion and The chest muscles are at work here and are high and maybe you can feel them you gradually get a slight warmth in the upper arm and shoulders There is nothing like powerful beautifully shaped shoulders a tighter upper arm especially we women we should be on everyone fall for the Oberaue to do something again and again now we like to neglect because of the fact that I chose this program here and it’s great stay tuned come up and down always back at shoulder height you can watch yourself well here because you are in front of your body work high and low and think about your knees again and again they stay relaxed, the many you a little bit off the stomach stays firm and then you are ready to move on after ten repetitions and in the middle of the night stay very calm with a lot of awareness with a lot of strength for feel your shoulder into something bizarre keep your neck long and slouch last up and down and up two last chance at the end you stay one of the above sets up that shoulders sink deep, perhaps consciously pushing the shoulder blades again together very little movement high high and now I would do it again a small impulse can be felt in the sims in the shoulder area of ​​the guests open over the sternum lifts the sternum be proud and keep walking up up the arms stay at shoulder height here remains one last and slowly sink deep log you have to get out of all circles Exercises that we do in front of the body also pull in the neck at the same time it may be that your neck is felt and that is perfectly fine Next exercise bicep curls the classic bicep curls get you out of that means you are in the biceps curls and then you push out and out we stay with the same muscle group the biceps go in and out the outside will drews your entire arm slightly outwards and backwards again inside there is one it offers another one a bit of finishing touch up and breathe in and out and up and down keep your forearms very calmly close to your upper arms an upper body can when you notice that the strength is decreasing your elbows like to protect your thalia it is even more intense when you elbow insert centimeters away from its parts from the high- deep- in and out and deep and high and deep stay tuned for a few more repetitions have you shaped the front of an upper arm and then we can go to pass next muscle group come up and from another 4 and to the top three of them begin to open outwards two last the upper arms still stay calm the last time start after inside up outwards but relax briefly loosen up a bit shake out relax and stroke it here that feels the offers that pulsates we now go to the shoulder and that has at the beginning i’m looking forward to the front part, now we’re going to the big to middle part one arm takes part in this roughly at a right angle to the body and lifts the arms and lower you breathe out high and breathe in the line between the hands elbows and shoulders are if you are at the highest point in a line that is very important that often happens that we pull ours down with the hand and the weight in hand So there’s a lot of awareness here Keep your wrists long and go up and down and up and on deeply and exhale into the force and when you do something relaxed down a and now and then up and down still remains loose in the knees there are the last repetitions except take a deep breath, strong shoulders are also very, very important for a good, strong and powerful neck everything that happens in the upper back needs such strong shoulders This is why this exercise is particularly important when the sausages are also gradually you make it long enough to feel the bite in the neck and here it is too Exhale perfectly okay after three high after two last time without staying upstairs stops here hold elbows in the middle if he succeeds they like to fall down, so I’ll stay here and now again so small to the final spurt my shoulder may still feel it a bit in the tips because he has already worked a lot before stick with it if you want more, just open a variant under are all that will be more hold on hold shorten by ^ ^ belly tight knees curl clench teeth ^ ^ ^ 432 now it loads that was up and then slowly loosens it So I felt it quite well here, easy to know you outside of witten and now let’s go to the partner of biceps that it likes the triceps the back women also call it a hanging evening and we do something about it not even to get there stand up in a step position lies a little forward in the upper body and the deeper you go, the more intense it is it also in both hands takes both bottles in the hands Now push your elbows very close to your body again with your elbows backwards at your highest point then in the forearms in the line below let’s go kick backs breathe out back breathe in breathe out back inhale exhale back and here on the triceps exercise you are doing right now that you really stretch out into the joint house types a under so far back you’re feeling your triceps up and back and like me just now had said the more you lean forward which the higher his upper arms come the more intense it degenerates one whereby there is of course the view to the ground that his cervical spine is straight stays outside you breathe in high breathe out every time every time against the extension into the perfect extension in one elbow joint high and deep and exhale and you can already feel it very nice to continue a little bit and breathe out breathe in through everyday life is usually something stronger that’s why I’m now putting a little more awareness into the triceps that the backside is what we women really like every now and then slack and we are about to counteract it.

Exhale inhale remains with it and low and high and low three more repetitions next time you stand in the distance hold this movement it comes from your shoulder out the outstretched arm pulls up backwards small movement 2 cm 3 centimeter no matter small movement you can still feel s4 three more 2 1 last and anhui great done very nice i hope you have your back is disturbed loosely here, too, the poor out of a bit of them shoulders grab last exercise stand something for a shouldered for a strong one shoulder but also the mobility in the shoulder joint for that you go back in the bent arms position takes you on surfaces so that they are facing upwards look and open and close breathe out one I had to show you from the side opens and closes the upper arm, it remains attached to the body and it If the shoulder joint is rotated, one shoulder remains supple and flexible it also builds in again because the weights in the hands do tricks a bit of strength in the biceps and shoulder muscles is built up endure and in and out and together again outwards and inwards and here you look outwards you are surely faster now after we have already worked a bit feel a biceps and yours a little more and faster shoulder that’s a good thing if you like to push it backwards again deliberately bring his shoulder blades to a spine this also activates the muscles in the neck and upper back so you have a perfect training for the entire shoulder girdle and inhale occurs to the outside, come inside and a lot more remains on it three more and the last two next time you stay stand on the outside at your outermost point depending on how flexible you are in yours shoulder are you are really directed very far outwards and now you are giving again the little last ones here look ahead and stay tuned here always like push against resistance open yourself the stomach stays firm the arm stays calm the upper arm and it is only the forearm that pushes back, maybe you can feel it slowly the heat in your neck, the heat and the warmth in yours shoulders after four another three two last and then Löw stops that was what already perfect until the end but we are not quite at the end that something comes to the bottom you can put the water bottles away and now we come to the lying position first that means you put your hands up and bring a weight over your wrists now you really need all your last strength and this exercise is sensational i love this exercise and i hope you will we will start with the right arm deep comes deep push you up you come up deep with right deep and press right up and up comes deep deep and there our upper arms already know you are tired you will feel the power you push yourself up and you come slowly down and push up and steve do that three more times up this page and down two more come up then the rest of the body is very solid, by the way and he remains relatively calm a very slight movement is already possible press up for the last time I don’t think I’ll ever sit here in the future inhale yes the second side stretch out your legs prepare yourself high tension body tension let’s go with the left come deep push up here do you need to push up your upper arm and low and team from steve and push up and we will pull it off together great that you’re still there, that’s the final spurt that i enjoy show you now a variant if the feeling that it no longer works now just kneel down you are a little gentler and up and down you stay with me the weight over the poor that’s why you have the job as well in the poor otherwise if you notice you still have the strength or already a few once practiced that the legs come out of the last two you can still manage left up last time great this height is the ultimate discipline for great punishment poor and strong shoulders one last exercise special again for the tri tips that I can attack relatively difficult before a kick back now I showed the push-ups for the triceps the women’s version and it’s just a tad lighter than the men’s version and that’s enough for us this time our hands are closer approximately shoulder width and knees this is the woman marianne they stay on the ground put your weight in front of your fingertips and look forward pushing yourself out of the Debt out and is first in the stomach and now differently in the chest push-ups push your elbows towards the back towards the pelvis deep and breathe out high and deep and high and deep while you’re still doing this exercise never did it is enough if you only have one it is important that the arms are really close to the body and kept breathing deep and breathing out 1 and out a lot more I hope you can feel that your arms are already a little tired that’s a good thing as soon as you feel that the poor have worked that they have become tired then you really did something that stop here for a moment hold hold push up long pull back or leave the pelvis around and then you can argue with your hands then slowly walk back to the front of the stone leans on and can stand zittel once the name from that was a super super training for strong shoulders and punishment now it’s loosening up a bit here and outside just at shoulder height though you are here once wrote the balls of your hands away ie his palms look away from you and extend very long over your elbows until you can feel my biceps make yourself outward for a long time, strictly hold those here finger and loosen up, breathe in again from the right angle from above arm is grabbing between the shoulder blades which is now a drews he was there again at the end then someone is carrying you again exhale brings the left hand between the shoulder blades and feel the go up from one triceps but loosen it up and grab it once behind you and you with your arms open yourself over the chest muscles now the front part of a shoulder of a slow you have that really great thank you for being there and I hope my poor and shoulders feel really strengthened and strong

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