Get Fit STICK With It | How To For Women

hi guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today I have a very exciting video for you just like I want you right there as just an accessory you know like I don’t want you to move I want you to be like that pot just still you know but you look good you look good the pot looks good you both stay still there same expect if you are here and you are watching this video when you’re trying to get fit with wit it’s because you want to do this for you this is about nobody else but you if this is not for you you’re not gonna stick to it if your boyfriend’s like hey girl you need to lose some weight oh hell no hell no you do not you need it up and that’s what you need to do then if you really do want to lose some weight and you want to join me then that’s great but make sure this is for you secondly it definitely secondly secondly be realistic if you think that you’re just gonna Monday you’re gonna go the gym and you’re gonna go to gym Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday realistically it’s not gonna happen if you haven’t gone to the gym in a super long time so be realistic with yourself and with your workout plan start out small maybe just go to the gym two times a week or three times a week you create a workout plan and you stick to it and then it’s six weeks and you feel like you haven’t seen a difference you definitely have and you need to track that not with the scale okay if you follow me on Instagram you know I hate the scale I do not believe in the scale and I do not believe that you should own a scale I weigh more now than I ever did in my whole young adult life muscle weighs more than fat so don’t listen to the scale you should not get on the scale every day look at your numbers just toss it tank just do me a favor do you a favor take your scale to the trashcan you don’t need it track your progress with progress picture take a photo front back side any way you want and then in six weeks and it’s six months and a year from now you’re going to look back at that photo compared to what you look like that in the future and you also will be mind blown and so proud of yourself if you do not schedule your workout you will not stick to it let’s say I have to do something tonight which I don’t cuz i usually just watch netflix or um like hang out my bed by myself but if I did have something tonight then I would need to make sure that I schedule my workout for like 6 a.


Oh sounds hell like hell that’s why workout night time because what’s going on ginseng so schedule your workout and you will do your workout number I don’t know bring a friend bring in a friend and working out with someone a it’s super fun if they don’t talk you know I like to have my headphones in I didn’t sing a friend will hold yourself accountable for your work out you’ll have a friends that’s fine I used to work out by myself all the time in fact when my roommate was like my workout feels like but I let her anyways you know so hurry up Fred it’s a lot more fun it hold you accountable you’re gonna go work out where I am it coming to Inc I want you to remember getting fit getting the body of your dreams takes time and it takes patience it’s taken me a long time to get my body where I want it it still has some progress make don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make it to the gym and you miss a workout don’t beat yourself up if you have 12 cookies okay pick yourself up get yourself together next meals don’t eat 12 cookies maybe how approaching shake instead if you miss your workout last night then go tonight it’s okay guess what I had something I should have had today you know those like berries the chocolate yeah it has a lot of those but a might not be myself uh no I’m not because I love myself just like you should love you okay self-love here ain’t a learning process okay come on like alright guys thank you so much for watching Navy needs to go on a walk he’s grumpy as hell right now so we will see you guys next time bye

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