Health, Fitness and Happiness rules to give you all 3: Tony Horton at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica

so you hit me alright everybody a couple of things I need you to do before I start my talk number one if you still have your pad of paper ed pen you have the next ten seconds to write down one word and that word is how you feel right now eight seven six five I’ll give you a few more seconds don’t think about it just write it down how do you feel right now everybody got it written down happiness sadness glorified all right now number two I want you to stand up we’re going to move because I do that fitness thing you know so make some room now what we’re going to do is we’re going to split this room in half right down the middle the folks in the middle are gonna have to choose one of two words this side live that side life are you ready when I point to your side you have to call out your word nice and loud was that loud enough now start hopping start hopping you know if you can’t hop if that’s physically hard for you don’t do it now you got to put your arms in the air right here now you’re going to keep your arms in your air and I’m gonna point to you as you keep moving keep going now we’re gonna count down now you ready ten nine hey in here come on oh let’s go yeah yeah oh that’s good you can sit so now pick up your pad and pen again and write your new word how do you feel now I’ll give you 30 seconds for that so why are you writing that down let me tell you a thing or two about a thing or two I’m 54 years old feel pretty good um I was the c- student student what happened there I was a c- student who had a speech impediment who was my ambition actually when I was young child was to have ambition procrastination was my favorite thing to do in the world my middle initial my middle initial is s I thought it meant scared because that’s how I spent probably the first 30-plus years of my life you got your words down so here are the six things that I figured out the course of 30 years of training of the people in training myself so the goal here is to be fit and healthy and flexible for the rest of your lives sound good who would like that raise your hand who would like to be strong just strong flexible who would be who would like to be less vulnerable to illness and injury as you move over move through life who here has parents or grandparents with health issues raise your hand those folks had sex they made you guess what you’re going to have their problems unless you do something different so these are the six things you like that well true look at Jack LaLanne Jack Elaine died at 96 his father died at 50 so we outlived his father by half a century because he did things very different than his father so here are the six things that I’ve done in the course of the last 30 years that have allowed me to create and develop and sell the number one Fitness product in the world not because on the smartest guy in the world because I move physically and here’s what happens here’s what happen to everybody in the room as a result of that little fun game that we played number one you release norepinephrine dopamine serotonin is something known as brain-derived neurotropic factor so those are chemicals that your pharmacist will give you to make you feel good temporarily because dopamine serotonin brain-derived neurotropic factor are the things that affect the temporal lobe that affect this little area inside the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus say it with me 1 2 3 everyone gets an A+ so inside the dentate gyrus as a result of just moving I don’t care how you do it any way you want you can take Pilates yoga weightlifting run a half marathon there was a 5k in a 10k right here in Santa Monica this morning a bunch of folks got up at 6 o’clock rubbed out their eyes and went out there and run beautiful thing and every one of them released noir panera dopamine serotonin and BDNF brain-derived neurotropic factor which is molecules and proteins sitting inside that tiny dentate gyrus waiting hoping dreaming wishing that you would move and when you do for 20 minutes or more a day we kind of activated it here a little bit but for just 20 minutes or more a day these proteins and molecules come together inside of your noggin inside your dentate gyrus and something called neurogenesis occurs you get to create brand new cells inside of your brain and that changes everything about who you are not just physically it’s not necessarily about this just that’s that’s just for the girls and a couple of guys no big deal you know so number one if you understand the importance of exercise and eating right the first thing the first law is variety so if you’re on that cardio kick or you go to Pilates or yoga you need to start moving weights you need to start doing push-ups and pull-ups the more you do the better you get the faster your result and the less likely you’ll get hurt you’ll get bored or you’ll Plateau you always continue to grow you always continue to get better I don’t care how old you are 54 years old I can do things physically at my age that I couldn’t do at 14 I could do 24 I couldn’t do it 34 44 today I had to leave early after the soundcheck because I had a two and a half hour gymnastics workout to do at my house with some friends that are all in their 20s and I kicked their ass fun right so when you have variety and your fitness get out of that rut of doing the same thing over and over and over again and mix it up and you will see amazing results in a short period of time number two what is number two I forgot my dentate gyrus is broken consistency which means you have to exercise five to seven days a week for the rest of your life because if you don’t you end up with something known as what I call exercise bipolar disorder right Yuval release the northen Efrain all these beautiful things and you take to a three day base off what happens I don’t really want to work out anymore and will feel very good exercise sucks and right but exercise should be like brushing your teeth or eating your meals and showing up to appointments or making sure you go to bed at night it should be part of who you are five to seven days a week for the rest of your life number three intensity you have to always up the ante if you run 5k start running tens if you run tens run half marathons half marathons lead to marathons which lead to ultra marathons if you want to start hiking you hike a hill in three years from now you’re on an expedition with your own Sherpa going up Mount Everest that’s how you grow now 14 24 34 I have a minute in four seconds I do anything physically but because I kept pushing the envelope I kept tracking my progress I would step a little higher lunge a little deeper add an extra pull-up you name it that’s was that was the key variety intensity consisting number one is purpose stop eating food filled with salt sugar and chemicals with the hope that you’re going to look smaller in the future so you’ll be at a wedding in front of a bunch of people in a dress come on they don’t even know whether they even care does it really matter so it’s not about your appearance it’s about quality of life having experiences being able to that’s what it’s about right so forget about the look like and make it more about the can-do because when you can do more you more experiences and when you’re overweight you’re overwhelmed and you can’t all right now of course ah food food is everything you are what you eat that’s why Jacqueline Jacqueline lived and to be to be 96 years old is because when you eat crap you feel like crap correct so it’s got to be fruits vegetables whole grains lean proteins and healthy fats you have to eat like your great-great grandparents used to eat if it comes from the ground or a bush or a tree or it’s crawling around your backyard you cut off its head you throw it on the grill boom you’re good does it have to be vegan maybe does it have to be flexitarian okay do Paleolithic that’s the latest thing that’s the grooviest thing I don’t care I look down at my plate and I eat things I can pronounce blueberries strawberries kale spinach chicken whatever so more of that every once in a while because you’ve earned it because you’re working out six days a week and you’re hanging out with like-minded people and you’re doing the right thing then eat your key lime pie for dessert aha I like chocolate chip cookies I eat them too but my main caloric meals of the day breakfast lunch and dinner are clean wholesome healthy foods period every time and I start cheating after dinner you know I’ll have the chocolate chip cookies or the chocolate covered almonds or the key lime pie or the tiramisu anyway you get the point so the purpose here is to be able to combine exercise which is fitness food which is health put those two things together and everybody stand up here we go start hopping here we go come on come on arms up here we go 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 thank you very much everybody

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