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public access channel 96 presents men on fitness hello i’m blaine edward and i’m antoine merriweather and welcome to men on fitness today’s show is brought to you by mr gulp the ultimate protein shake it’s the second highest source of protein around but it tastes just like the first now we have looked at lots of different workout tapes but none of them really work for us like that one that cindy crawford worked out he hated it they should have called it cindy crawfish then it was jane fonda’s ultimate workout mm-hmm hated it yes could have just called that a fish called fonda then of course there was little dick gregory’s diet you know i always do a dick say i think you’re supposed to now before you begin your workout you always got to have you a good stretch don’t blame show them that’s right most people don’t know how important the neck is in fitness so we’re going to begin by doing some neck stretches and one and two and three and four and one and two and three and four and playing playing playing why you keep looking to the side because you gotta make sure ain’t nobody coming up behind me now it’s time to move to the bench press now weight lifting can be very dangerous that’s why you always got to have you a spot yes song oh i got just five words to describe that skunk be ill i need to get me one of these spots for my bedroom now the bench press really is for to build up your upper body muscles making them ripple with all your strength okay sir try to spot him you know the view up from here is heavenly come on blaine use all your strength go ahead come on come on i’m flaming get it off me could you put this in my car please gee i am parched you know it’s always good to replenish all your fluids any way you can a water boy lisa i’d like some more and no workout would be complete without working the gluteus maximus come on guys come on come on boys okay so what you want to do first is warm up the buttocks muscles and one and two and three and four times one two three four hold and release whoa come on everyone stop on your knees we’ve been there done that and one and two and three and four double times okay everybody down down on the other side i love this i’m in control here we go and one and two and three and four okay and you always want to end with a great big old stretch why are we always in like this i don’t know but it’s great for ventilation just breathe don’t forget to breathe well that’s all the time we have for this week join us next week when we’ll be showing you more exercises for what else the gluteus maximus you’re here i think this workout deserves two until next time bye-bye racing to the shower goodnight grandma and everybody else watching the show thanks so you

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