Jen Jewell’s Fitness Model Transformation | Lost 45 lbs 21% Bodyfat

[Music] I’m gentle team telly for athlete personal trainer in Pittsburgh [Music] my fitness journey started back in high school officially my love for waves came when I was 16 years old and I saw my first copy Muscle & Fitness so I picked harmonica brain and I went wow I want to look like that like what do I need to do to get me there I’d always been active with gymnastics and everything so I figured okay I’m audience lytic I need an outlet for my energy so I joined him my first job ever in high school was as a personal trainer I was teaching aerobics and personal training is my first job so it just kind of catapulted from there and I saw results quickly I was really excited and 17 years old excited that someday I wanted to compete in a fitness competition I moved down to Southern California for college and I continued my job as a personal trainer very active working out and then I had a slight hiccup I dealt with a personal tragedy my best friend had passed away she got killed in a car wreck and I was down in Southern California but I didn’t have any friends or family nearby OHS alone going to school and working and so I got I don’t want to say depressed but I was definitely not my full self instead of continuing with all my workouts and eating clean everything as I have been I started making new friends to take my mind off the fact that I just lost my best friend we would go out to dinner we would have desserts I was eating is there everything that add it up and I ended up going from probably 118 pounds to over 150 pounds kaalia over 160 and that was over the course of a year or two it didn’t just – it was just a slowly crept on my body fat got up to 35% [Music] an aha moment instead of sequence I went to the doctor I had to step on a scale and I hadn’t done that in such a long time and I went oh so that’s why I have to buy a size 11 now not because my legs are actually muscular but because I’m kind of a beefcake right now I needed to take my own advice so that’s what I started doing is I got serious and I made slight changes to my diet and for me that was key I’m a self-proclaimed dessert monster obviously I had to stop eating dessert every night so instead of going cold turkey and putting myself on a really strict fake contest prep diet or something like that I stopped going out to eat every day maybe I was just reserved that for the weekends I would have dessert once a week and I just kicked up my workout routine a little bit more again I’d still been active during that time was gaining the weight but I was kind of going through the motions at the gym getting on the same elliptical all the time and just putting in an hour sometimes not even sweating it’s kind of a waste of time so I realized when I’m at the gym I need to make every minute count switch up my workout as often as possible and he was very gradual at my changes too it was over the process of three to five years probably and I got down to about 22 percent body fat and that’s when I decided hey I need to do a show I’ve wanted to do in forever but don’t at least try I know I’m always going to be credit so I set the date exactly twelve weeks out from the show that I found I started training for it and went from there it’s been an interesting journey with ups and downs and being fit then being overweight and at an unhealthy body fat for a little while and then fit again I want to be my best mate so I’m always striving to be the best version possible of my being strong fit and healthy is important to me and also now it’s great because I’ve been able to help so many people around the globe with my online training and with working with modular comm and sharing workouts and working with selling poor people from Australia have message to be about saying hey I started doing your leg workout and they send me their results and it’s really exciting so that’s a huge motivation to me as well [Music] honestly if you have fun with your fitness you’re gonna stick to it you’re gonna stick to the program no matter if it’s hey I love Pilates and I have fun with it so I’m gonna stick to that for me and with my clients – I know if it’s something that they dread doing they’re just not going to do it it’s not going to keep them consistent coming in and out so if I’m getting bored with a treadmill at the gym then I make up something new on the step mill I’ll do some intervals and do something crazy and jump off a new Jump Rope for a while and jump back on the step mill because for me that’s actually fun it’s a new challenge and it’s not just the same monotonous walking on a moving belt I live in Southern California so we have the Santa Monica chairs we have the beach we can go hiking there’s so many things to do that that type of activity – again it’s key cuz it’s fun and it keeps me more interested in fitness all the time right now I’m doing body parts split sometimes they do total body – so I go back and forth between the two depending on what my goals are what I’m getting ready for if I have a shoot coming up contest coming up I hold a decent amount of muscle all the time so I’m not ever worried about okay I need to bulk so to speak my main goal is to maintain my lean muscle mass and stay lean next week I actually start my total body workouts again so three to four times a week basically every other day I do a lot of compound movements I like to do cardio bursts in between all my strength training as well maybe I’ll do a set of squats and then I’ll bust out a set of push-ups and then I’ll jump up for a minute and then I repeat that that’s what I would call a tri set so I make these little triceps up and my workouts so I usually do about two strength training movements with one cardio burst in each stripe set and that’s kind of what my weight trainer is going to be consisting in starting next week right now I’ll be in the gym lifting four days a week and cardio five days a week and sometimes not a cardio only day I’ll throw in ABS or something like that – just because I didn’t have enough time to hit AB any of the total body workouts earlier in the week or maybe I want to bust out hardcore ab workout I always keep one active rest day and then there’s usually one day a week and each week is different depending on my schedule and everything I know a lot of people like to take Sunday as a rest day for me sometimes they get my best workouts in on Sunday the gyms quiet I usually don’t have a ton to do that day and I kind of take that as my day a way where I’m not answering emails from clients and I’m not posting a lot on social media and I’m not doing any outside work but it’s just a day for me to do whatever so I usually get my best workouts in on Sundays when it comes to nutrition my overall philosophy is simple it’s about balance you know have a great amount of protein ‘silly my healthy starches every single day and healthy fats you know I have fruits vegetables not afraid to say yes to dessert you know I do a little bit everything as long as I stay balanced year-round I’m able to have those splurges whenever I want yeah I used to weigh all my food and then I learned how to eyeball the portion sizes so for me I may have 4 to 5 ounces of chicken breast and then a yam and then veggies you know have 1 to 2 cups of veggies with a meal like that I usually cook my protein simple I’ll pick a couple proteins for the first few days of the week lately has had a lot of chicken breast and ground turkey breast that I have is the meats that I eat yams I’ll just throw them in the microwave real quick to bake those so I don’t keep all those prepared ahead of time all the time if I don’t need to I’m fortunate that I work from home most the time so I can kind of cook throughout the day goes I haven’t always been like that though so before when I was in a different job completely unrelated to fitness and I was an outside sales I had to pack and be gone for the entire day so I would bring a protein shake with me have the powder in my shaker ready to go have almonds ready to go maybe grab a quest bar or something like that and have the meals packed and Tupperware – I do care about the taste and flavor I’ll never be that girl that during competition prep or in general has the tilapia and asparagus like I haven’t tasted tilapia almost tears so if anyone has great till a few recipes please share them with me when I go out especially if I’m prepping for a shoot or competition or something I don’t just lock myself at home and eat only what comes out of my kitchen I still want to go out and have a social life and got with my friends and enjoy dinners out and everything I just make sure that my proteins are grilled and I also will ask like do you grill these in any oil or butter because sometimes grill doesn’t always mean you know it hasn’t been saturated in something before it goes on there ask for modification if you need to if you’re looking at the menu and you see oh gosh I don’t think I can eat anything here you probably can never be afraid to ask the waiter waitress at a special request because I’m sure they hear it all the time for people that have allergies or other things like that other limitations so you ask nicely I’m sure they’ll be accommodating to that request a tip for salad I get this a lot with my clients my clients will say oh I just grabbed a salad at lunch instead but a lot of salads on the restaurant menus are one of the worst offenders you’d rather get a burger and you can still get less calories and more protein than a salad so I always say always ask for your dressing on the side and if you really need to use the dressing and dip your fork in the dressing first and then in the salad and you’ll end up using less of it if you can go without the dressing I’ve become really accustomed to just squeezing lemon on top or salsa and those two things have helped save countless calories supplementation is just that it’s meant to supplement a balanced diet for me the protein has really been key from when I on the go so I don’t have time to make a couple extra meals you know what if I have a protein shake right after the gym and maybe again at night like that’s great I’m still getting a clean healthy lean source of protein into my diet that makes it really simple I always tell my clients to stock up on that multivitamin always great to take you and though you are you know getting in some of those essential matter vitamins and everything from the fruits and vegetables and oh not everyday everyone’s gonna get all those key vitamins that they need so multivitamin is also great the other supplements too they aid in recovery so when you’re working out recovery is just as essential as the workout if not more so supplements that help you recover properly are definitely key pre workouts for me have really helped pick my training up to the next level that’s maybe not for a brand new beginner but someone who’s been weight training for a little while the supplements is always going to be high you know you see see all the marketing you see all the fancy ads whatever you hear your friends talking about it and definitely do your research a few years ago I was going on bodybuilding.

com research doing really need glutamine like branch chains which should I take them pill or powder different things like that if you read the reviews of other users on sites like bodybuilding.

com that’s been really helpful to because instead of just asking your friends who are like oh yeah I take this you just go take it to you actually get a well-rounded response to see what’s gonna work best for you [Music] for me it’s all about balance and I think a lot of people when they maybe embark on a new meal program or workout program everything they put like 110% in and then they get burn out really quickly and I want to make sure that people don’t do that make the same mistakes don’t lose away and then gain it right back which is something people often do but if you make these slow gradual changes it’s very balanced so it’s more realistic that way you’re much more apt to stick to a program that’s more realistic and that suits your lifestyle and kind of blend seamlessly into your current lifestyle instead of something that you have to do a complete overhaul so that’s it for my training nutrition and supplementation if anyone has any more questions for me you can contact me on Facebook Twitter in my body space and for more content videos like this keep coming back to bodybuilding.

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