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– [Reporter] Whoa, nice Airstream.

Hey Lenny, we’re here to
see your gym and fridge.

(upbeat music) – Hey, what’s happening? (chiming) (chiming) (chiming) (chiming) I know you’ve come a long way to see my gym and fridge.

Come on in.

Welcome to The Bahamas.

(upbeat music) – [Reporter] All right Lenny.

Before you show us around, let’s check out that fridge.

– All right, so here’s my fridge which has a picture of Bruce
Lee on it to keep me inspired.

What we have is green and more green.

We got cucumbers, mangoes,
broccoli, kale, salad greens over here on the table fresh from the farm.

We’ve got breadfruit, soursop which is my favorite.

– [Reporter] Yum! – Soursop is so good for you.

You should try it.

Sugar-apples, couple lemons,
more okra and cucumbers, avocado some fresh Rosemary Picked this morning.

A great blessing of living here in The Bahamas is that I’m
able to grow my own food.

So I have a garden where
most of this food comes from.

As you can see, I’m
vegan and primarily raw.

I have done extensive raw diets where I eat raw for a year.

When I’m here, I love to eat
as much food as possible, especially in the
summertime when you have all of these beautiful fruits growing but then there’ll be times
where I don’t take in sugar, not even fruit sugar, and I just eat green in the sauteed spinach or kale salad.

I’m very careful about
what I put into my body and how I take care of my body.

So it’s a combination of eating all of these
things that I’ve shown you and working out and keeping
my muscles and my joints in shape so that I can do what I do, which is get up on stage and play music and have a body that feels free so that I can express myself.

If you’d like to see where
most of this food comes from, I’ll take you over to the garden.

Come on.

Here, we are at the garden.

So come on, let me show you around.

– [Reporter] Wow!
Sounds like paradise.

You seem like such a healthy guy.

Do you ever have a cheat meal? – My cheat meals consist of pasta bread, pancakes, waffles,
carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

– [Reporter] What do you eat
if you’re hungry at 2:00 AM? – I wouldn’t eat at two in the morning.

If I wake up and I’m hungry, I just drink water to fill my stomach.

We got jewels.

All right.

So now that we’re
finished at the garden, gonna take you over to the gym so you can see where I get my workouts.

(upbeat music) – [Reporter] Sick ride,
any room for me in there? All right, Lenny, show
us that gym of yours.

– So I said, I was going
to show you, my gym.

There it is.

This is where I work out.

With these few hand weights, I can get an amazing workout here.

This really simple setup has kept me going for the last six months here
while I’ve been in The Bahamas.

I also have the advantage of being able to work out
with my trainer on FaceTime.

I’m going to call him up.

His name is Dodd Romero and he is the person that
has been transforming my body for the last 25 years.

Brother Dodd.

– [Dodd] Hey brother, how you doing? – I’m good.

Ready to workout? – [Dodd] Let’s go.

– Say hello.

This is Dodd Romero.

– [Dodd] Hi, how are you? – All right, let me get the tripod and I will get started.

Hold on.

– [Reporter] Is there any difference in your workouts here in
The Bahamas versus The U.

S? – This workout is amazing.

I’d rather be outside in the nature than being cooped up inside of a gym.

– [Reporter] How often do you work out? – I work out five to six days a week.

My exercise regime has become
more efficient, more focused so less time actually working out, but way more efficient.

– [Reporter] Is there
any exercise you hate? – There’s no exercise
I really hate anymore.

I used to hate legs.

I didn’t like it.

It wasn’t into that, but now I am.

– [Reporter] What keeps you motivated? – Life.

Accomplishing a goal.

– [Reporter] Does exercise
ever inspire your music? – Exercise keeps my mind, body and spirit where I can be more creative.

– [Reporter] What’s your
most meaningful tattoo? – The tattoo of my mother.

– [Reporter] How does Lenny
Kravitz keep his mind fit? – By keeping it open.

– [Reporter] Alright,
it’s rapid fire time.

7:00 AM workout or 7:00 PM? – 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

– [Reporter] Squat or deadlift squat? – Squat.

– [Reporter] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Black Man’s Cry by Fela Kuti.

– [Reporter] CrossFit, yay or nay? – Yeah.

– [Reporter] Pull ups or chin ups? – Pull ups.

– [Reporter] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Dumbbells.

– [Reporter] Run on treadmill
or the great outdoors? – Run outside, always.

– [Reporter] Cardio or weights? – Both.

– [Reporter] Big legs or big arms? – Big legs, which I
don’t have at the moment.

– [Reporter] Biggest compliment; jacked, ripped, cut, or swollen? – Ripped.


– [Reporter] If you could
work out with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? – My grandfather.

Thanks for hanging out.

I hope you enjoyed The Bahamas.

I got to go now and take my evening run.

See you next time.

Let love rule.

(footsteps) (gentle music)

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