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(hand knocking)
– Hey Mark, we’re here to see your gym and fridge.

(upbeat music)
– Who that, buddy? Who that? You want to work out? You want to work out or you
want to go to the kitchen? Have some veggies.

He’s also plant-based, by the way.

Hi, let’s go to the gym.

– [Interviewer] Gym time! How do you pick your exercise program? – I train for whatever my next role is, or whatever I got to do for work.

That’s kind of the program, you know? I tend to do a lot of this
extra leg stuff, cycling stuff to play in adventure races
and do a lot of cycling, running, hiking.

– [Interviewer] What
are your fitness goals? – Stay in shape so I don’t have
to start over get in shape.

Again, depends, you know.

It’s really everything
revolves around my work.

So if I’m playing, if I
got to get out of shape to play an oil rig worker,
then I’m eating fries, and drinking beer.

Fun for the first couple of
weeks, then I feel miserable.

And if I got as get as thin as possible, like a movie like the Gambler, you know, I’ll liquid
diet and jumping rope 200 rounds a day.

– [Interviewer] What does
training look like these days? – With everything’s that been going on, we’re getting in the gym
about 10:00, and then (exhale) obviously we finish the two circuits, and then we’re kind of starting, I’m just doing some
additional stuff on my own, regular little finishes.

– [Interviewer] How often do you work out? – I train 5 days a week.

5 days a week.

I work
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

Rest Wednesday, work Thursday, Friday.

– [Interviewer] What do you consider to be an intense work-out? – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.

‘Cause we end up actually doing less work, but much higher intensity.

Less rest.

That’s when you’re really
getting the heart rate up.

And you’re burning,
burning a lot of calories.

– [Interviewer] Favorite exercise? – Walking up the stairs
to get my protein shake.

– [Interviewer] Least favorite exercise? – I’m not really hating
anything right now.

We’re doing a lot of cardio and stuff.

– [Interviewer] What keeps you motivated? – I’m always motivated.

I’m always motivated.

I’m always hungry.

And I always feel at some point, I can make, make something
for myself, you know? Feel like I’m just getting started.

Feel like, you know, all the
things that I want to achieve and accomplish, are still in front of me.

– [Interviewer] Any advice on
how to train through injuries? – First of all, train properly
so you don’t get injured.

And then, after that, you
know, you’ve got to figure out the best way to recover.

But you know I think, you
know, I have ailments, I had torn labrum, herniated disks, I had a broken hand.

You know, I’ve been able to
work through those things, never had to have any surgery.

So, kind of, corrective
exercise has helped me fix my back, reconstructed
my squat pattern.

Doing shit the right way, you know.

I’ve mostly bis-stop
isolated machines in here, but that’s just for a specific thing.

For the most part, we’re
doing a full body movement.

– [Interviewer] What
music do you listen to when you work out?
– Up, peppy hiphop.

You know, rap.

But more uptempo.

Something that provides
more energy for the room.

My wife usually likes
to pick the playlists.

But she’s doing amazing.

She’s been training with
us now 5 days a week.

Hasn’t missed a day.

Hasn’t complained.

Hasn’t asked to take a day off.

You know, a little cheating
here and there, but.

You know, she’s doing the work.

She’s doing things she
didn’t think she could do.

– [Interviewer] What’s your
most meaningful tattoo? – I took all my tattoos off.

I just have one on my finger.

My wife and me on our ring finger.

– [Interviewer] What advice
would you give someone starting their fitness journey? – Well, first of all, start slow.

Find, I mean, I know people think “Aw he says that because he’s
a part owner of the business.

” I’m a part owner of the
business because I’ve found the best work-outs on
the planet, that’s F45.

You know, there isn’t
anything, whatever you think your fitness goals are,
you can far surpass that.

If you want to become a
body-builder, I would say you know, learn the fundamentals first.

And then from there, you can start going, you know, getting jacked with all that
stuff and you’re not going to be having any ability.

You know, (indistinct) So I mean, if you want to get in shape, have longevity, good
mobility, come to F45.

– [Interviewer] Was there a
specific person that inspired your fitness journey? – No, life.

Life inspired me.

The reality of I got to get
strong, I got to be focused, I got to be disciplined.

– [Interviewer] How do you stay motivated when you don’t feel like working out? – Aww, you know I just, I’m really appreciative
that I have my job, and you know, what I do
I take it very seriously, so whatever I got to do to get
ready, be ready I’m doing it.

So I got a responsibility,
you know, to show up prepared, and the way they want me to be there.

So that’s what I do.

And then ultimately I know
it just makes me feel better.

You know, so, in a perfect world, you know now, with the right balance of working out and rest and recovery, you know I got a good
little routine going.

– [Interviewer] How do
you keep your mind fit? – Aw, I keep up with my
spiritual life, my faith.

Start my day off with
my hands on my knees, and then read prayer, then I’m in the gym.

And then by that time, unless the kids are really
not doing their schoolwork or nothing, it’s hard to break, you know, or jar my positivity.

– [Interviewer] You’re known
for your 3am work-outs.

How did those get started? – I just kind of figured it out.

With then, I just had so much
I had to do during the day.

And the only way to get it
done was to start that early.

You know, get up early, go
do my prayer time training.

Already read my script out loud twice, to get, you know, all
my prep for the work.

And then eating, packing the meals up, running off to the golf course,
running the golf course.

You know, but I was
over training, you know.

I was over training.

I wasn’t getting enough
rest and doing 2 a days.

6 or 7 days a week, you
know, eating 7-8 meals, mostly all protein.

Ended up, just not feeling good, you know.

Did a bone broth fast,
and then went plant-based for what was supposed to be 12 days.

And that’s four months

Still doing it.

– [Interviewer] Let’s head to your kitchen and see what’s in your
fridge and talk diet.

– This here was filled
with unhealthy snacks, every kind of sugary
cereal you can imagine.

Chocolate bars, cookies, muffins.

Everything else now is healthy.

So the whole family is on the program.

And now they weren’t happy about it, but nobody’s complaining anymore.

And here I’ve got my own side.

I’ve got all my supplements.

I’ve got my plant-based protein.

My pre work-out, protein

Regular water.

I’ve got some good healthy snacks.

And my bars here.

I’ve discovered hummus, I’d
never had hummus before.

And I’m loving, ooh, Chefy! What do you got in here? What do we got, Chefy? – [Chef] We got some skewers for tonight.

Some shrimp skewers with a little gnocchi.

Always keep Impossible meat on hand.

There’s everything for your wraps.

Tons of veggies, tons of greens.

All your juices that
you take in the morning.

– Yeah! Did you ever think after the
seven protein meals a day, steak, chicken, turkey burgers, whatever else I would have
throughout the entire day, did you ever think I
would’ve gone plant-based? – Never.

Definitely not this long.

– (laughs) They thought I was
going to last about two weeks.

– [Interviewer] I’ll
ask you some questions while you eat your wrap.

What staples do you usually
have in your fridge? – You know, it used to be
eggs, sliced meats, chicken.

That’s all gone.

– [Interviewer] What
inspired you to change to a plant-based diet? – I was doing 7-8 meals
a day of all protein.

I just couldn’t process all that protein.

But I really feel the difference.

I have fish on the weekend.

A piece of salmon or
some sort of shellfish.

– [Interviewer] Any food you hate? – I’m not big on curry.

It does bad things to my stomach.

– [Interviewer] What’s
your go-to burger order? – Now the Impossible burger.

Used to be when I was Walhburger’s, I’d order one with everything.

– [Interviewer] What’s your go-to protein? – Now it’s plant-based.

It’s lighter, it makes the shake lighter.

– [Interviewer] What’s
your go-to bottle of wine? – That’s a tough one.

If it’s a California Cab,
it’d be Hundred Acre.

– [Interviewer] What do
you grab from the fridge if you’re hungry at 2am? – A rice cake with hummus,
avocado, and olive oil.

That’s my new late-night snack.

– [Interviewer] What’s
the biggest challenge for gaining or losing weight for roles? – Oh god.

It’s all fun.

Everything whether you’re
gaining the weight, losing the weight, it’s all
fun for like a couple of weeks.

And then it becomes a pain in the butt.

Go to bed at 7:00 on a full
stomach and wake up at 10:00 to eat again, and I’m still
full from the last meal.

That’s not fun.

– [Interviewer] All right,
time for Rapid Fire questions.

Work-out time? 7AM or 7PM? – Always at AM, first thing.

– [Interviewer] Squat or dead lift? – Both.

– [Interviewer] Favorite
song on your play list? – Anything by Adele 21.

– [Interviewer] Cross Fit.

Yay or nay? – Nah.

You want to go to the hospital? You better have an
orthopedic surgeon close by.

– [Interviewer] Pull ups or chin ups? – Pull ups.

– [Interviewer] Dumbbells or kettlebells? – Both.

– [Interviewer] Run on a
treadmill or the great outdoors? – Aww, outdoors.

I don’t like running on a treadmill.

I mean we do sled push, you
know, resistance running.

– [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Weights.

– [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – The foundation is the
most important, believe me.

Arms are just for show.

– [Interviewer] Biggest compliment? Jacked, ripped, cut or swole? – Ripped.

– [Interviewer] If you could work out with anyone in the world, dead
or alive, who would it be? – Jack Lalanne.

Jack LaLanne.

– [Interviewer] Thanks for
answering our questions.

Any final fitness advice? – Remember you got to
eat right, train hard.

There’s realistic goals out
there, you got to work hard to accomplish them, though, right up.

(driving, upbeat music)

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