Sexy Arms and Sleek Shoulders Workout

today we have celebrity trainer assured McGuire here to take us through a 5-minute arm toning workout all you need is a pair of 5 to 15 pound dumbbells let’s get started so right here little bend in those knees tuck your tailbone chest up collar bone wide we’re gonna go into a set of 21 so you’re gonna go halfway up in that bicep curl and then all the way down really think about touching the weights down to your thighs and then only going up halfway making that 90 degree angle with your elbow now I’m gonna tell you up front I’m not gonna man so they’re 21 we should be doing seven half up flippin we want to look good so maybe we do two more right here you guys go and then we’re gonna hold it right here and we’re gonna go all the way up to the shoulder level and then halfway down so squeeze your bicep up and then release it the tension is only halfway they got to go right back up again you got to show off those biceps let’s go four more right here yeah yeah take up arms baby all the time especially us we live in LA there’s no excuses okay and then we’re gonna go all the way down full range we’re gonna hit seven but again you have more time maybe have to wear something like a strapless dress I don’t know you get a few more in here we go for four good oh yeah feeling three so I know you probably want to drop them but I don’t want you to – and then we’re gonna take it all the way up on one and then slowly release this last one down for a negative perfect so now we’re gonna open it up W curl just how it sounds you’re taking out wide outward curl squeeze that bicep all the way down bring your pinkies together to the center exhale up good so you’re making that W watch your shoulders keep them away from your ears good we’re gonna do this for a minute so in a minute on your level maybe you get eight to twelve in maybe you’re more advanced or your weights are lighter yeah maybe something I’d really just well 215 you can feel it the thing is if you’re really putting your mind into your muscles it’s gonna work oh yeah good yeah six more here and I feel it even in my grip strength just kind of gripping on right those dumbbells I know and often if my weights are a little heavier cuz I’m not afraid of lifting heavy weight I’ll put on some glue someone has something good you two more here these are perfect and then one more and this is the kicker we’re gonna bring it up right in front get that neck long you’re gonna wrap it out so wrap it all the way out show off that bicep every time bring it back in get to where you feel this bicep okay good answer perfect answer there you go still keeping those abs tight for me wrap it out and in good and then we can pick up that pace again and you’re like it is burning Wow right you’re look good let’s get ten nine eight seven six perfect five at 9:43 I know you don’t want to let it drop Zulu give me one more perfect now I want you to take those weights right underneath your ribcage here right underneath your chest take a slight lean forward and then we’re gonna kick it out to the side so we’re gonna hit the Tri send we add so what you want to make sure is that you’re not flaring those weights up squeeze the tricep out and then right back up yes good I love that so if you’re doing this in front of mirror you can really try to fight for that tricep to stick out good you look great I like this one over fect let’s go for ten here nice good breathing nine hey this is fantastic seven blanks right flex it every time that tricep is so key changes the way your whole arm looks can really show off and dresses and tank tops just feel confident nothing’s gonna flare or fly away when you wave at everyone right right good two more awesome and one and then this is my favorite move after everything we just did the biceps and the triceps think about when you’re in a sprint I like to bring one foot forward for stability I can abs tight and sprinting arms so you really want to pump your arms you can start a slow pace squeeze your biceps squeeze your tricep good you look like you’re a professional runner here whoa and then let’s get a little faster so we’re gonna go one minute here so again you start slow you pick up the pace awesome you look good and let’s put out good here we go 25 seconds good awesome so the shoulders just kind of stabilized and Jaylyn they’re exactly rising by the love it yeah man the heart rate gets up a little and what’s going on with the core everything else is say tonight or you’re gonna all right over that’s right good here we go 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 get it 5 if you’re in that full sprint what do you look like 4 3 2 & 1 awesome let’s stretch out those arm cut out it we really added some strength and tone to it yeah we haven’t dropped those wait where’s your weights down full-time I’m minute take that arm forward gently press down the wrists feel the stretch up your forearm fall and bison into your bicep perfect take that same arm good bring it across yes opposites attract right here and good take the arm back pull down on the elbow lean your head back into it good shake it out other side right now trees always forget to stretch the upper body you know if I can stretch your hamstrings you stretch your glutes but really should and think about everything if you’re carrying in groceries if you’re sitting at your car and you’re stressing traffic this also just really is tension in the neck take that hour back awesome now look if you have more time you can run through this circuit all over again 5 minute takes no time you get up you get it done to get it in Thank You us you do the best thank you so much ostrich I love those quick burn workout it’s the perfect thing to do after a long run five minutes down those arms see you guys next time on PopSugar fitness

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