SIMPLE, Essential Strength Training Workout for Women over 50 ✨ Pahla B Fitness

– It’s strength training
for women of a certain age.

Grab your dumbbells and let’s go.

(cheerful music) All right Killer Bs.

Let’s go ahead and get
moving and grooving.

And that means that we’re
going to get started with some arms circles and high knees you guys.

Oh my goodness doesn’t this
feel wonderful already.

I’m excited about this one.

Welcome to the workout.

I’m Pahla B and your best
middle-aged fitness friend and today and every day,
actually (laughs loudly).

We’re all about making peace
with your menopausal body.

And one of the best ways to
make peace with your body is to make it strong.

You guys, as we go through menopause, or as we have passed through menopause, our bodies start to do
something unpleasant.

They start to lose muscle.

They start to lose bone density.

They start to lose strength.

And the only way to get
stronger, to keep your bones, to keep your muscles is to do a beautiful, simple strength training
workout like this one today.

We are all about strength.

There’s no cardio.

There’s no jumping, obviously
because there’s no cardio.

There’s no transitions to the ground.

There’s nothing I’m
gonna say there’s nothing complicated about today.

It is a simple strength training workout, but we are using all complex moves.

And what that means is that we are recruiting
several different muscle groups at the same time for a super effective, super efficient workout.

Let’s go ahead and do some Arm
Crossers with Booty Kickers .

You guys, I’ve got the
handy-dandy [indistinct], say for intervals of 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

And honestly the 10 seconds
of rest isn’t really because you’re gonna need
so much rest (laughs) from the exercises.

It kind of just to shake out a little bit and get your mind ready
to do the next exercise.

It’s much more about making sure that we are very intentional
about what we’re doing today.

Thinking about excellent form, thinking about pulling in our core, thinking about using our muscles in a way that’s really going to benefit them.

And probably the best thing
that I can tell you about that is that we’re going to
use moderate weights.

I’ve got a very manageable
pair of dumbbells here for me, which by the way, you should have in your
hands right now (laughs) the way, gosh, darn it.

I always forget to tell you
that before we start the warmup, I feel like, you know, you know, we don’t have dumbbells in
our hands right now, (laughs) but I know there are lots of
trainers who want to tell you that you have to lift heavy,
heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy.

And sometimes you might,
that’s totally okay, once in a while, but it’s not something that we need to do every day.

Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes because welcome to my home.

Welcome to the chair that holds
my dumbbells, now (laughs).

The thing about using moderate weights, I know that some of
you might be wondering, Oh, how in the world can I get results? From using moderate weights.

Here’s how, you don’t get
results from doing one workout.

You get results from doing
one workout repeatedly, consistently, maybe two
or three times a week.

Not necessarily this exact one, but something like this.

A couple of times a week, you don’t have to knock
yourself out to get results.

Honestly, they come over
time with repeated actions.

And one of the best way to be consistent is to do something manageable,
to do something doable, to do something simple.

And dare I say it fun, we always have fun around here (laughs) especially if you are new.

Welcome to the Pahla B Fitness channel.

We laugh, we talk a lot and we sweat.

We’re gonna go ahead and
pick up our dumbbells here.

And we’re gonna get
started with an exercise that I call because it is sidestep or not.

Excuse me, step back, press ups, because we are going to
step back while we press up.

We’re go have a dumbbell in each hand, but we’re going to step back with one foot while pressing up with the opposite hand.

So we’re going across the body.

Let me go ahead and get my timer
(timer beeps) here started.

The only reason I have
a timer going today.

So step back, press up and
then on the other side as well.

And oh my goodness.

Did you notice that we’re already working on our balance today? Oh yes, that is foreshadowing.

I do have some balance works for us today.

That means that you’re gonna
wanna pull in your core, really be thinking about excellent form with moderate dumbbells.

You might be able to go fast
and with the timer going, you might be thinking that
this is a speedy workout.

It’s really not meant to be.

We’re thinking about moving with intention and we’re getting done
as many as we get done, the reason I have a timer, so I don’t have to count.

I don’t like counting (timer beeps).

I’m not good at counting (timer beeps).

Here’s 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we’re gonna
do Side Step-up Curls.

Go ahead and lock your
elbows right into your waist.

Don’t let your elbows come off
of your waist (timer beeps).

We’re going to step to
the side while we curl up, put our feet together
while we curl back down, step to the side, curl up, step together, curl down, moving with intention on both
the sidestep and the curling.

We’re moving our inner
and outer thighs here while doing our biceps curls.

This is a very simple
(chuckles), complex exercise.

We’re toning muscles in both
our upper and lower body, as well as our abs.

Of course, when you’ve
got your core pulled in, we’re always working our abs, but it’s not complicated.

And that to me is probably
the best thing (timer beeps) about today’s workout.

Here’s 10 seconds of rest and coming up next, we’re
doing Bent Over Flys.

Pull your core in nice and tight.

Gonna have your feet a little bit wider than hip width apart.

Push your butt back (timer beeps).

And then from that position (timer beeps), your hands are gonna face each other.

And then we’re gonna widen out those arms until your hands face the ground, keeping your core pulled
in the entire time and engaging your glutes the entire time having your butt squeezed is how you keep your back straight.

Then your big back muscles
can lift the weights to about shoulder height, more or less.

Your neck is nice and neutral.

We’re thinking good, strong thoughts while we’re flying these dumbbells squeezing, squeezing, squeezing to keep your abs pulled in tight so your back is straight (exhales) not letting yourself shrug (timer beeps) into that motion is probably
the smartest thing we can do.

10 seconds of rest here
and coming up next, we’re doing something
I call Tipping Stars.

So what this means is that (timer beeps) we’re going to kick out
to one foot to the side.

While we kick that foot out to the side, the same hand is going up overhead and the opposite hand is
coming out to the other side.

Then we’re all coming back to the middle and then we’re going to
tip out the other way.

This is honestly (laughs) the most.

It’s complicated and complex.

Feel free to keep it a little
bit closer, if you need to.

However far you can extend is where you should get to.

That’s why I’m doing
moderate weights today so that I can actually
get a nice full extension.

We’re working on our balance.

We’re pulling our core in.

We’re working those big back muscles.

We’re still doing some
biceps (timer beeps) and triceps work here too.

10 seconds of rest okay? Coming up next is something
I’m calling Dead Squat.

It’s neither a deadlift nor a squat.

It’s a little bit of both.

Feet about hip width apart
maybe a little bit wider back is straight.

You’re gonna roll the dumbbells down the front of your thighs till they get to your knees.

Then from there, you’re
gonna bend your knees without bringing them over your toes to get your butt down a little bit.

And then back up with
those straightened knees and then stand all the way back up.

It’s half of a deadlift, half of a squat, really thinking about
your excellent form here keeps all the work in your rear chain.

You honestly shouldn’t
feel this in your thighs, kind of at all.

This is really, really finding and moving your gluteal muscles, half of a deadlift, half
of (timer beeps) a squat, and then stand it back
up 10 seconds of rest.

I know, I know.

Coming up next, we’re gonna do Triangles, feet a lot wider than hip width apart, almost (timer beeps)
uncomfortably wide honestly.

Weight start here at your chest.

One of is going to go up overhead while you’re rolling the other one all the way down your leg.

Let that hip jut out to the other side.

This is a hip complex exercise that also uses a whole lot of abs and upper body muscles.

I know you feel that
having that one dumbbell up overhead facing the
ceiling the entire time, really using those big back muscles, triangles are one of the most complex and yet simple exercises that we do every inch of your body is
involved in this kind of work going from side to side (exhales).

And we’re not (timer
beeps) super concerned.

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next is wide open High Knees, which is exactly what it sounds like.

We’re gonna have our elbows wide open, weights start here at
our chest (timer beeps).

As we bring up one high knee, we’re gonna open up (exhales)
those hands (laughs) and then close them back up (exhales).

Keeping your elbows at
shoulder height the entire time means that you really need to
have your core pulled in tight the entire time.

Anytime we have our hands above where they would naturally fall.

Your lower back really could
volunteer to help with that.

So you really want to
make sure that your abs are pulled in nice and tight.

Keeping that belly button as close to your spine as you can.

Nice job (exhales).

We don’t need to go fast.

We don’t need to get
a bunch of these done.

Thank goodness (laughs).

Oh my goodness (timer beeps).

‘Cause some of these exercises
are tougher than others.

10 seconds of rest.

And then coming up next, we’re doing a Front Raise Side Raise, which means that gonna
have our feet (timer beeps) about hip with the
part, pulling your core.

We’re gonna do a front raise with one hand and a side raise
simultaneously with the other.

And then we’re gonna switch sides, front raise, side raise.

Now this one does not engage
your lower body quite as much, except for the fact that you’ll notice when you’re standing still
with your core pulled in tight, it actually really helps to
engage your glutes as well, gives you a nice firm stance.

You can’t be tipped over when you’re holding yourself squeezed, but not locked.

When it beeps again, of course, we’re gonna
get 10 seconds of rest.

Ha and you guys, we are almost finished with the circuit.

I’ve only got a couple more
exercises (timer beeps) and I forgot to mention earlier.

I apologize 10 seconds of rest here, coming up next.

We’re gonna do Peek a Boo Side Steps.

So the same kind of side step that we were doing with the curls.

But this time we (timer beeps) have our hands up a little bit higher, elbows at chest height or shoulder height.

We’re gonna open them up, open up those elbows and
then close them up again.

When we step together, open your elbows, open
your feet (chuckles), close your elbows, close your feet.

We’re not trying to get a
certain number of reps done because we are gonna go
through this circuit two times, we’re going to get plenty
of reps of each exercise.

And honestly, one of the nicest things
that you can do for yourself is to not worry so much
about how much volume you’re doing nearly so much as making sure that what you are doing
is excellent form.


Whatever you can get done (timer beeps) and if that means that you’re
not doing the whole interval, here’s 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we’re
doing Delt Raise Side Kicks palms face your body.

You’re gonna bring the
dumbbells up to your chin (timer beeps) or your chest, wherever
you can get them to keeping the, your palms facing your body while we’re kicking out to one side and then kicking out to the other, really not trying to shrug into this, but thinking about
moving with your elbows, which uses the top of your back.

Muscles that feel a lot
of tension sometimes, but don’t necessarily do a lot of work by asking them to work
really deliberately.

It helps them get toned.

Oh my goodness.

And also (chuckles) it helps them find out how they should
be working normally.

Not just hunched up because
we’re looking (timer beeps) at our phone or 10 seconds of rest or feeling the weight of
the world on our shoulders.

Coming up next.

It’s our last exercise, it’s Side Bends.

The most deceptively difficult
(timer beeps) exercise one weight at each side, we’re
going to bend to the side.

Now, you know how earlier
we let our hip jut out this time or squeezing our glutes and not letting our hips move at all.

This is a teeny-tiny motion.

I’m barely even getting my
hand down to like mid thigh.

All we’re doing is bending to the side and then standing back up.

This is all abs and obliques.

This is about as isolated as we can get our abs and obliques.

When we’re asking none
of the rest of our body to do any kind of movement, still surprisingly complex
though, right? (timer beeps) ‘Cause we’re holding
everything else still.

Here’s 10 seconds of rest.

And then you guys, we’re
starting the whole circuit again.

That was it.

You’ve seen everything.

It doesn’t get more complicated than that.

We’re gonna do step back
(timer beeps), press ups.

So as you step back, we’re pressing up, as you step forward, you’ll bring it down.

Find your balance, by
holding in your core.

We don’t have to move quickly.

I know I’m already moving
a little bit slower than I did on round one.

On round one, I was like raring to go.

Here we go, woo hoo.

And then, you know on round
two even moderate dumbbells, they feel like work.

That’s the trick of moderation.

It’s still plenty of work, but you don’t have to knock yourself out.

You will still have energy to go about the rest of your day to do whatever you need to do.

And you’ve made (timer
beeps) your bones stronger and you’ve made your muscles stronger.

Here’s 10 seconds of rest coming up next.

We’re gonna do the Side Step Curls, and you’ve done something
wonderful your body for your body.

We’re toning (timer beeps).

Here we go with this sidestep and curl up, put your feet together, curl down, curl up, curl down.

Thinking about the curl down.

Almost as much as the curl up really helps use your triceps
as well as your biceps, but also keeps your core
pulled in nice and tight.

Keeps your movements intentional for your inner and outer
thighs and your abdominals.

And obliques by holding those elbows super close into your body and keeping your core pulled in tight.

My friends, when it beeps again, we’re gonna get 10 seconds of rest.

And then we’re moving on
into those Bent Over Flys.

You guys (timer beeps) a
workout like this one, okay.

A workout like this one feels nice and simple
while we’re doing it right? Here comes Bent Over Flys, Feet a little bit wider
than hip with the part, (timer beeps) push your hips back and then fly those arms out to the side.

Simple is absolutely the name of the game.

Here at this certain age, my friends, there is no
reason to knock yourself out, to be getting any of the
results that you want.

In fact, here at this age, the more you knock yourself
out, quite honestly, the worse results you might get.

When we were younger, it was easier to work hard, but also our body could recover from it much faster than it does now.

Now when we try and go hard, lift heavy, do something (timer beeps)
high intensity every day, here’s 10 seconds of rest.

We can actually get injured a lot easier.

coming up next.

We’re doing those Tipping Stars, the most complicated, complex
exercise (timer beeps), which is kinda why we’re
getting it over with.

The foot that kicks out,
is the hand that goes up, the opposite hand,
pushing out to the side.

So honestly your leg and one hand are going opposite of each other.

And then the standing leg
and the pressing up hand are going opposite each other.

The almost making like a plus sign.

It’s a lot more like
multiplication for me, cause I can’t get all the way over.

But that’s what you’re aiming for is something like a weird, complicated plus
size (laughs loudly).

Oh my goodness, you guys.

The thing about our age and being near abouts
menopause (timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

When it beeps again, we’re
doing those Dead Squats.

Is that estrogen actually helps us recover from hard workouts too (timer beeps).

I mean aside from its obvious job, here we go with a half a deadlift, feet a little bit wider
than hip with the part and then half a squat.

And then back up to that
half a deadlift position and then stand it up.

Roll the dumbbells down, squat halfway just a little bit don’t let your knees come forward too far.

Really feel this work in your booty? Estrogen helps your muscles
recover from workouts.

So if you’re still doing super hard workouts and not recovering as well as we used to, or as quickly as we used to, the damage could be done to your muscles, your ligaments, your bones (timer beeps), all kinds of things in your body because it’s not recovering.

Coming up next.

We’re gonna do those Triangles.

So feet almost uncomfortably wide, weight start here at
your chest (timer beeps).

And then what happens is your
body feels a lot of stress because it’s not recovering
from the exercise stress and what your body does
when it feels stress, any kind of stress, mental
stress, exercise stress, any kind of stress, Your body’s one and
only biological response is to store fat (laughs).

You guys, the harder you work, the harder it is to
get results at our age.

So that’s why we’re going moderate.

We’re being simple.

We’re being gentle.

And yet, we’re getting nice and strong.

We’re doing great things
for our bones, our muscles, our balance (timer beeps),
our brain and our whole body.

10 seconds of rest, Coming up next, we’re doing those wide open High Knees.

And this, this is where the
balance work comes in (laughs).

This is one of my (timer
beeps) favorite things to do elbows at chest height, not necessarily this
exact exercise (laughs) this exact exercise is tough for me.

But this kind of, kind of gentle balance work where we’re just, we’re
picking up one foot at a time.

We’re either kicking forward
or kicking out to the side or bringing up a high knee.

It’s not a ton.

I mean, this is, this is
what like three seconds, three to five seconds of balance work.

It’s small doses, but small doses are how we get better.

And when we get better at balance, we can stay on our feet for years to come.

This kind of work has a
little bit of good for you.

And then (timer beeps)
when we do it consistently 10 seconds of rest, it adds up to a whole lot of good for you.

Coming up next, we’re doing
Front Raise Side Raise.

We get to keep both feet
on the ground (timer beeps) for this, so just go ahead
and find a comfortable stance.

One hand is doing a front raise.

The other arm is raise a side raise.

Then we switch core is pulled in tight.

Knees are both soft but strong.

You don’t want to lock your
knees to be able to balance.

You always want to be
engaging your glutes, the fronts of your thighs,
the backs of your thighs, even your inner and outer
thighs to a certain extent.

You wanna be engaging the muscles of your legs when we’re standing, who in a balancing position, even, even with both feet
on the ground (laughs), you still in a balancing strong position.

When it beeps again, we’re
gonna get 10 seconds of rest.

(timer beeps) Oh golly,(exhales) had
not a moment too soon, except for the fact that the
next thing that we’re doing is Peek a Boo Side Steps (laughs loudly).

This is again arguably one
of the more difficult ones from me (timer beeps)
we’re gonna have our elbows at chest or shoulder height, elbows together, and
then elbows nice and wide while we step apart.

Elbows back together
when we stepped together, wide apart and step together, a little bit of Peek a Boo (chuckles) and then close it up to really thinking about keeping
your core pulled in tight.

Once again, once you have hands, anywhere above their natural position, especially with something heavy in them, your lower back can really
volunteer for this kind of work by pulling in your abs.

You’ll make sure that
you keep the work exactly where it’s supposed to be,
which is your upper back.

Actually, it’s your big
swimmer muscles (timer beeps) doing this kind of work,
10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next (exhales) doggies.

Coming up next.

We’re doing that Delt Raise Side Kick palms facing your body (timer beeps) dumbbells nice and close together.

As we bring those dumbbells
up to what your chin, maybe your chest somewhere
around about there by raising your elbows as high as you can.

You’re gonna be kicking out to the side when you’re kicking out to the side.

I know sometimes the idea here is to be kind of thinking about your arms.

Think about your leg to your standing leg.

That knee is soft, but strong.

Your core is pulled in tight.

You’re engaging all those leg muscles.

That kicking leg, you’re squeezing from the side of your booty.

That my friends, oh my goodness, is how I’m gonna tell you we can get rid of [Indistinct] bags,
that’s not what I’m saying.

But that is how we can make
that area of our body stronger.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest coming up next.

Oh my gosh, you guys, this
isn’t, we’re doing Side Bends.

This is the end of the second circuit.

The second and final circuit.

Feet about hip width apart (timer beeps) hands are just at your side.

We’re gonna bend.

Oh my gosh.

Wherever your spine can take you over to the side and
then stand it back up.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze
from those abs and obliques bend over to the other side and back up.

Oh my gosh.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze to get over and squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze [indistinct].

You guys, I’m gonna tell you
right now when it beeps again.

We’re done.

Oh, but we’re definitely not finished.

We got 10 seconds of rest.

And then we’re gonna do
my favorite exercise.

And those of you who have been around the Pahla B Fitness channel,
you knew this was coming.

We’re working on balance and
strength and core strength and everything that we could
possibly work on (timer beeps).

It’s Drinky Birds.

Of course your palms are
going to face your body and Drinky Bird.

In case you don’t know is
a single leg, deadlift.

You’re going to raise one leg behind you by squeezing from (timer
beeps) your booty, that leg that’s raising up behind you.

Keep those toes pointed at the ground.

Don’t let them kick out to the side.

Kicking out to the side is a compensation that moves the work away from your glutes.

When in doubt, we always, always, always want to work our major muscles so that we can get the
most bang for our back from these simple but complex exercises.

We are going back and forth.

This is one interval only.

We’re not gonna do more than that.

I know how much you
guys love Drinky Birds.


I know how much
you love Drinky Birds.

That’s why we’re not doing a ton of them.

Once again, small doses
of balance (timer beeps).

Add up to big benefits.

Oh my gosh.

What a great job you did.

Go ahead and get your dumbbells completely all the way out of the way.

We’re gonna cool it down (timer beeps) and let our muscles come
back to the position that they like to be in.

Now here’s the thing.

After we do a strength
training workout like this, I know sometimes you’re like, okay, I got to get on with
my day and I totally agree.

I will have here for you onscreen.

I slightly longer cool down though, because it’s really nice idea.

Even with moderate weights to really stretch out your muscles and let them know that it’s
totally okay to go back to their normal position.

That’s why we stretch and cool down after any kind of a workout is to remind your body that
it doesn’t have to stay in that clenched up position
that it’s been in for the last, however long (timer beeps)
by 20 something minutes.

Oh, I totally forgot that
I still had the timer on.

I meant to turn that off, tapping a little bit
while I goes (timer beeps) there it is (laughs), let’s go ahead and do some arm openers.

Oh my gosh, open up.

And then of course, close it up.

Give yourself a big hug
and a pat on your back.

My friend, no matter if
you love strength training or this was the first time
you’ve done strength training or anything in between this
workout was so good for you.

And I do hope you had a
super fun time with it.

That it was simple enough and yet complex enough (laughs) that it feels like you’ve
done some great work because you really, really have my friend super, super proud of you.

Thank you so much for
working out with me today.

Again, there is an extended
cool down here on screen.

There’s also a subscribe button.

I’ll see you in the next video.

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