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– Hey, Killer Bs.

It’s Pahla B from PahlaBFitness.

com and on tap today I’ve got a great toning and strength workout for
women of a certain age.

You guys, this is a
question that I get asked more often than any other in the world and today we’re gonna talk all about it while we’re getting strong.

Now, you are going to need
two pairs of dumbbells today and I’m gonna explain all about that while we do our warmup because, yes, there’s a warmup and a cool down and there is also absolutely no jumping, no transitions to the ground
and no squatting today.

So, when you’re ready for
this one, I’m totally ready.

Let’s go! (upbeat music) All right you guys.

Let’s go ahead and get
moving and grooving.

Let’s start with our warmup and that means we’re doing some
arm circles with high knees.

You guys, I am so excited
about today’s workout.

I almost can’t even stand it.

I’m also just a little bit nervous.

I have kind of a lot to tell you.

This is something that I get asked about so, so, so often and it’s
why I’m really excited to do this workout and not only tell you but really show you the difference between toning and strength, but also I’m a little nervous
because I have so many things I wanna make sure to tell you that I’m a little bit afraid
(bell chimes) that I’m gonna ramble too much which I already am, you guys (laughs).

Let’s start with the way
it’s structured today.

Here’s the thing, we’re gonna do toning.

We’re gonna do strength.

The handy dandy Gymboss here is set for intervals of 50 seconds of work and just 10 seconds of rest.

This is not in any manner a HIIT workout.

There’s no cardio technically speaking.

Your heart rate’s gonna get plenty high, (laughs) but it’s not a cardio workout.

The only reason I have a timer, honestly, is just so that I don’t have to count and I don’t have to think about it and we can talk about form, we can talk about what we’re doing, we can talk about what
it’s doing for your body, all that kind of good stuff.

Let’s go ahead and do some
arm-crossers with booty kickers.

Now here’s the thing about needing two pairs of dumbbells today.

Toning and strength, technically speaking, they’re not different but they are and the reason we call
them different things is because we’re working on
different energy systems.

You are going to need a
very light pair of dumbbells and you are going to need a
heavy for you pair of dumbbells and neither one of those has any kind of minimum or maximum standard.

If it feels light for you, it is light.

If it feels heavy for you, it is heavy.

If you only have one pair of dumbbells, I would strongly suggest
that, well, first of all, that you open up the description box and you get my three-pair set from Amazon because I use it for every
single one of our workouts and I love them so much and
you always have a variety.

Now, there are different three-pair sets.

Again, you wanna pick something that’s light for you and heavy for you.

Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes.

If you only have the one
pair of dumbbells though, use them for our strength portion even if they feel moderate.

And actually, speaking of moderate, for my friends who are using
this workout for weight loss, make sure, again, that you open
up the description box below so that you can download my
free information resource that talks about how to use any workout for what your goal is.

If you are going moderate today, I’m still gonna suggest that you have a light
for you pair of dumbbells but instead of heavy, I’m
gonna have you go moderate.

On screen today I’m gonna be demonstrating with light and heavy, but this is really good
practice for my weight loss Bs to moderate any workout, whether or not I’m telling
you to moderate or not, even though I will (laughs).

My friends, here’s what we’re gonna do.

We’re gonna start with our
light pair of dumbbells.

Light for you means light for you and if that means hands free, that’s totally okay too.

We’re gonna get started.

Round one is toning with
our light dumbbells.

Round two is gonna be strength.

Round three, yeah, is
gonna be toning again.

And yes, there’s a round
four of strength again.

We do have a little bit of rest but this is gonna be
a challenging workout.

Let’s go ahead and grab
our lightest dumbbells or go hands free depending on
what you have available to you and we’re gonna get
started with 50 seconds of overhead to high knees which is exactly
(timer beeps) what it sounds like.

We’re gonna start with our hands overhead.

We’re gonna come down to one high knee and then the other high knee.

Now here’s the thing.

This is what I would call toning.

Now, the thing about
toning versus strength is, honestly, semantics.

I personally choose to use the word toning when I am talking about lighter weights for more repetitions.

It is still building muscle.

It is absolutely still
good for your bones, still good for your muscles, still good for shaping your body.

It does, technically, kind of
everything that strength does, it just does it differently.

The thing about toning that you’re probably already noticing is that it does burn (laughs).

There is work here.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next we’re gonna do a front raise side raise combo which means that one hand is gonna be doing a front raise
out in front of you.

The other hand is gonna be doing a side raise out to the side.

(timer beeps) So go ahead and get yourself set.

We’ve got our core pulled in tight and we’re gonna switch back and forth.

So it goes front raise
with your right hand, for example, and then front
raise with your left hand while your other hand
is doing the side raise.

Now here’s the thing about light weights for a lot of reps.

What we’re working on here, the energy system that we’re working, is muscle endurance.

It’s teaching your muscles how to lift a light weight
a lot of times over time.

It’s exactly like cardio endurance, the way we think about
somebody running a marathon versus somebody running a sprint.

This is a marathon.

You could do this,
hopefully, if your weights are light enough (laughs),
you could do this maybe not all day, maybe not for hours, but you could do this for a while.

That’s what we’re teaching
(timer beeps) your muscles how to do.

Here’s 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next we’re
gonna do twisting kicks.

Gonna have your weights
basically right here.

About chest height.

You can keep your elbows out a little bit from your torso.

(timer beeps) As we’re twisting, we’re kicking.

Oh my goodness (laughs).

“I was unprepared for
this balance work, Pahla.

” I know.

Me too (laughs).

So we’re twisting into
the leg that is kicking.

Make sure that your
core is pulled in tight.

No matter how heavy or
light your weights are, this, well, first of all this is starting to feel like cardio (laughs)
’cause it kind of is, but also this is balance work which means that we’re really thinking about pulling in our core
and using excellent form.

Now the thing about toning, you know, people often talk about how when you’re toning your muscles that they’re getting long and lean.

Here’s the thing about toning.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, we’re
doing curling side kicks.

I’m gonna scoot a little bit this way so I don’t accidentally
kick my stand here.

It’s biceps curls with a side kick.

(timer beeps) Now for my friends who like squatting, who like lunging, you could absolutely do a curtsy lunge here (laughs)
rather than a side kick.

I’m gonna slow down a little bit.

Even though we’re doing lots of reps this is not intended to be cardio.

It just kind of
unintentionally feels like it.

The thing about toning
or strength work, truly, when we’re talking about
getting long, lean muscles or building muscles,
oftentimes there’s kind of a misconception about what that’s going to do to shape your body.

The fact is if you have weight to lose, shaping your muscles will
change the shape of your body but it will not lose fat from a particular part of your body, and even if you are doing toning work,
(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next we’re doing
forward hinge arm flappers which means that our hands are going to flap like jumping jacks and our lower body is gonna be doing a deadlift.

(timer beeps) So starting with hands up, we’re gonna flap our hands down while our hips go back.

I’d like you to really think about that hips going back
portion of this exercise because that is what we’re
really gonna focus on on the next round when
we’re doing strength work.

My friends, toning or strength work.

Both totally part of a
body shaping routine, both totally part of
a weight loss routine, but neither one of them by themselves is going to help you lose fat from a particular part of your body or to do much in the way of, I mean, you’ll change
the shape of your body but if you have weight to lose you have weight to lose.

(timer beeps) You will look different.

10 seconds of rest and we are switching our weights.

My friends, you are either picking up, if you’re losing weight you’re picking up your moderate weights.

If you are body shaping like me (timer beeps) you’re gonna pick up your heavy boys.

We’re going to overhead to high knees.

You will notice immediately, as soon as these weights
got up over your head, how much more difficult this is (laughs).

This is strength.

Slow down.

Take your time.


Pull in your core.

Really set yourself in
between each and every rep.

Really think about where your
body is in space and time.

This is a sprint.

I know that sounds really
funny after we were doing that marathon with all
those reps, all that toning.

Strength work is about
building muscle power.

This kind of work, with a
heavier (laughs) weight, for fewer reps.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Oh my gosh.

It’s all about teaching your muscles how to pick up something heavy a few times.

Coming up next we’re doing that front raise side raise combo.

(timer beeps) Get your feet set.

Get your core set.

Oh my gosh, I’m grunting (laughs).

Yes, indeed.

Now hopefully, no.

You know what, not hopefully.

If you are moderating, if you are losing weight there’s not gonna be a
ton of difference between your light weights and
your moderate weights.

This whole workout might feel moderate.

In fact, it should feel moderate.

If you’re losing weight you don’t need to push yourself to feel a big difference.

The conversation will give you the intellectual understanding
of how different these feel and later, when you are
maintaining your weight and shaping your body in a different way, doing a different kind of routine, you can really feel the difference between your lightest weights
and your heavy for you that’s a good challenge like me grunting here weights.

(timer beeps) Oh my gosh.

10 seconds of rest.

Coming up next, twisting kicks.

Now here’s the thing.

Something heavy in your hand, twisting your body, really need to focus on pulling in your core.

(timer beeps) Here come your weights
right about chest height.

We’re twisting and kicking.

(exhales) This is every bit as
high heart rate (laughs) as it was with the lighter weights which cracks me up because, technically speaking, you know, we’re doing a lot less work because we’re doing fewer reps.

You’ll notice that high heart rate is your indicator that this
is not less work at all.

My friends, here’s what I want
you to notice about today.

There is a way to get intensity.

There is a way to get the work done no matter if you have no weights, if you’re doing cardio,
if you’re doing toning, or if you’re doing strength.

You are always, always working your body.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

Okay, okay.

Curling side kicks next.

Gonna scoot over a little bit so I don’t kick anything.

Elbows right to your waists here.

(timer beeps) Waists? Nope, you’ve only got
one of those (laughs).

We’re kicking out to the side, oh my gosh, while curling these dumbbells.

Significantly more challenging.

It’s funny how the balance work
feels more challenging too.

Even, I mean, your body
weight didn’t change.

The lower half of your body isn’t technically
picking up these weights, but you really have to pull in your core to be able to fight gravity
on this kick and this curl making sure that your elbows
stay locked into your waist.

We are isolating the biceps
for the curling part (laughs).

Oh my gosh, my balance is
just lovely today (laughs).

And we are also, oh my goodness, working the lower body as well.

I know you feel that, (timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest, even if you are using
light for you weights.

Coming up next we’re doing
the forward hinge arm flappers except for this time it is full on dead lifts.

(timer beeps) Feet about hip width apart.

Your hands are not
going up over your head.

You’re just gonna roll those dumbbells right down the front of your leg while you’re pushing your
hips back, back, back, and then pulling them forward.

This is a straight up dead lift.

That means your core is
pulled in very tight.

Your abs are squeezed.

Your back is straight.

Your hips, your butt,
is driving this motion.

Push behind you, pull back forward.

Your booty is the train (laughs), is making this whole engine work.

(exhales) Making sure that
you’re breathing, my friends.

This strength work is mighty intense even though we’re moving slower.

There’s plenty of work to be done.

(exhales) When it beeps again,
(timer beeps) oh my gosh, you guys, that was the end of round two.

Let’s go ahead and put
those big boys down, or your moderate boys down, and pick up either your lightest weights or go hands free again.

(timer beeps) We’re starting again with
that overhead to high knees.

Oh my gosh, doesn’t that feel better? (laughs) Maybe it doesn’t.

You guys, you know what,
I’ve made zero bones about the fact that I love endurance work.

I am an endurance girl
from morning till night.

I love light weights, lots of reps.

I love my cardio.

I love going for long runs.

I love endurance work.

Here’s the thing.

If you don’t, that’s
totally fine (laughs).

You can love what you love.

Maybe the strength part you were like, “Oh, thank goodness! “I’m moving slower and my heart rate is up “and I feel amazing and strong.

” Maybe you don’t like either
one of these (laughs).

All of which is totally okay.

This is kinda what I wanted you to know from today’s work (timer beeps) that you can like what you like.

Here’s 10 seconds of rest.

You can love what you love but make room for everything
that’s good for you.

You know, I don’t,
(timer beeps) here we go with the
front raise side raise.

I don’t want to say I don’t
love strength training.

I actually do.

I have found a deep love
for strength training, but I don’t do it every day.

There’s almost no scenario in my mind where I would do more
strength training than I do, and I do strength training
and or toning work maybe twice or three times a week.

Not really more than that.

And maybe you love
strength training so much that it’s your jam.

It’s four, five, six times a week.

That’s awesome.

Make room for other stuff though too.

Once in a while it’s good to do cardio.

Once in a while it’s good to do core work.

Once in a while it’s good to
get down on the ground maybe.

Once in a while it’s
good to do stretching.

Once in a while it’s good to do toning if you prefer strength.

(timer beeps) Once in a while, 10 seconds of rest, it’s good to do something
different for you.

Coming up next we’re doing
those twisting kicks.

Hands right about your chest level (timer beeps)
and here we go twisting and kicking.

Oh my gosh, your core is
still pulled in tight.

Now here’s the thing that I
really wanted you to notice about today’s workout.

No matter which one of these things, the toning or the strength,
feels easier to you, this is a workout.

It’s not easy (laughs).

Anytime you see my face, my friends, honestly, we’re working.

No matter if you are going moderate, no matter if you went hands
free for this toning section, no matter what we’re doing
your heart rate is up and you are doing something
amazing for your health.

That’s a good feeling.

That’s, in fact that’s a great feeling.

I’m not even gonna
moderate that one (laughs).

This is a great feeling
to be doing something that is good for your bones,
(timer beeps) good for your heart and lungs, good for your body, good for your mind to do something different.

Coming up next we’re doing
those curling side kicks.

Go ahead and lock those elbows right to your singular waist
(timer beeps) and here we go (laughs) curling up and kicking out to the side.

Now for me these light weights makes my balance feel so much easier, plus we’re going a little bit faster which means that even if
I am falling out of it it doesn’t feel as difficult.

That, for me, truly (laughs) is the magic of endurance work.

It covers a lot of my
particular fitness sins.

When I start picking up
heavier or heavy for me things, I start to notice that I
really have to pull in my core.

I start to notice that my left arm is not as strong as my right arm.

I start to notice more about my body.

My friends, that is one of the reasons why I wholeheartedly encourage you to do strength work in addition to toning work.

(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest and coming up next we’re doing those forward
hinge arm flappers for the last time.

Thinking about your hips
moving forward and back because your booty is driving that motion.

(timer beeps) Starting with hands up overhead.

Feet about hip width apart and boom.

There we go down and back up.

I know that I just said down as if your torso is driving this motion.

It’s really not.

If you’d like to think about it this way, you’re moving backwards and then forwards.

Did that feel different? It’s funny how semantics really do play such an important
part in your fitness.

When you call something toning, sometimes doesn’t that
really feel like a discount? Like maybe you’re not doing as much? Maybe you’re just picking
up something light? My friends, here at
the end of round three, do these dumbbells feel light anymore? (laughs) Do they feel like just toning? No way.

This was work.

Thinking about the work
that you are doing, (timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest and
let’s pick up those big boys or those moderate boys or
whatever you can manage (laughs) here on round four.

(timer beeps) Starting again (exhales)
by pulling in your core before we put this heavy
stuff up over your head.

One high knee (exhales) and then the other one.

Really focusing, really thinking about what you’re doing and why.

You know, when I first started working out I had absolutely no idea
what I was doing or why or when or how often or what
I was gonna get out of it.

Now, so many years into
my fitness journey, one of the things that I love is being able to help
you get what you want rather than just flinging your body around kinda doing some things sometimes and not really knowing what
you’re gonna get from it or why you’re doing it.

(timer beeps) I love, 10 seconds of rest,
being here on your journey, helping you figure it all out.

When it beeps again we’re doing that front raise side raise combo.

Core is pulled in
(timer beeps) so tight for this one.

Oh my goodness.

This, probably the hardest
exercise for me, maybe.

No, actually all of these strength ones feel very challenging for me.

My upper body tends to be less strong than my lower body (exhales) so I’m really focused.

Making sure that your
palms are facing your body and then they’re facing the ground.

You’re only bringing your arms up as high as you can go without
shrugging your shoulders.

This work is coming from
the top of your shoulders, absolutely, but it’s also coming from the middle of your back and your abs.

If you don’t feel your abs working, I’m gonna suggest that you squeeze them in a little bit tighter (laughs).

My friends, all work is ab work (timer beeps)
(exhales) when we focus on our abs.

10 seconds of rest.

Okay, speaking of abs, though (laughs).

Twisting kicks.

This one works not just your abs.

It also works your obliques.

This twisting motion.

(timer beeps) So here we go with hands
just about shoulder height.

We’re gonna twist and kick and I’m gonna think about my balance by focusing on pulling in
my core nice and tight.

(exhales) Thinking about your balance.

Thinking about where your
body is in space and time.

When we have heavier, heavy for us, things in our hands like this it is really critical that we’re thinking about excellent form.

You know, when we move fast, like I said, it kinda covers up when we’re maybe, maybe not doing everything perfectly.

Your body will let you
know almost instantly when these heavy for us exercises aren’t quite right.

Generally speaking, your lower back is gonna be the first thing that starts talking to you.

(timer beeps) (exhales) 10 seconds of rest.

(exhales) Depending on what you’re doing.

It could be your lower back and it could also be your knees.

Frequently knees are
where we feel some things.

Curling side kicks is next.

(timer beeps) Elbows right here at your waist.

We’re curling and we’re kicking and we’re breathing and we’re sweating.

Yes, my friends, no matter how you have
moderated this workout, no matter which exercises you like better, toning or strength, we are here very near
the end of round four and I am feeling a little bit shaky, a little bit noodly, a lot sweaty, very accomplished, very accomplished.

I think that’s the thing that I like most about toning or strength.

It’s different.

It’s not something that you do unless you’re trying to.

On the course of our regular day, you know, you might pick
up like your coffee cup or a pencil or something (laughs).

Maybe you’re moving a chair
(timer beeps) or something like that.

10 seconds of rest and coming
up next is our dead lifts.

But really, until we’re
intentionally picking up heavy things and putting
them back down again, I mean, unless you have a job that you pick up heavy things
(timer beeps) and put them back down again.

Here we go with dead lifts.

Push your hips back.

Pull your hips forward.

I do have a job (laughs)
where I pick up heavy things (laughs) and put them back down again, but if you don’t then
this is purposeful work.

This is something that is outside your normal day-to-day activity.

I want you to know that
the best part of that is that feeling of accomplishment.

Like, wow, I did something different and I did something that’s really, intentionally good for my body.

Not necessarily that it’s
gonna make me skinny, not necessarily that
it’s gonna make me look great in a bikini, even though it will, but something that is good for my bones, something that’s good for my muscles, something that’s good
for my heart and lungs, something that can help my metabolism stay normal
(timer beeps) for the rest of my life, 10 seconds of rest, because we’re done but we’re not finished.

My friends, I have one final thing for us and you’re gonna put
all your dumbbells down and we’re going to stand on one foot
(timer beeps) in a drinky bird hold.

Yes, indeed.

I’m gonna start with my left foot.

I’m gonna pull that
right leg up behind me, when my core is pulled
in super duper tight.

You are going to ask yourself, “Pahla, if we don’t have any weights “in our hand at all, is this toning “or is this strength?” And I’m gonna tell you, my friends, there is a third category that is both toning and strength at the same time and it’s anytime that you are using your own body weight to fight against gravity and especially when we are holding onto it for a rather long time like this.

This works your deep,
deep core stabilizers.

My friends, you have the
muscles that you know about.

I mean, obviously.

You know that you can see your abs, you can see your arms,
you can see your legs.

There’s also,
(timer beeps) 10 seconds of rest.

We’re gonna do that exact
same thing on the other side.

There’s another layer of abdominal muscles that is way deep inside there.

I’m gonna go ahead and get ready for this.

(timer beeps) This is our last thing, last side, last (exhales) last bit of focus.

Your deep core stabilizers are like the ultimate
in endurance muscles.

My friends, your deep core stabilizers basically work 24/7.

They are holding your spine in place.

That is critical work.

Here’s the thing.

These muscles, just like
all muscles, can get lazy.

If we don’t ask them to do
stuff, they won’t do it.

I mean, why would they? (laughs) Why would they? If you have children,
I know you’re picturing asking one of them to
take out the garbage.

Why would they? (laughs) My friends, your deep core stabilizers are hands down the most
important muscles in your body.

You don’t see them
(timer beeps) (exhales) and you don’t really feel them until they’re not working.

That was it.

We are finished.

(sighs) And we’re gonna
cool down a little bit.

But those deep core stabilizers, let’s go ahead and do some arm
circles with these tappers.

Ah, doesn’t that feel good? Deep core stabilizers, they are either working all the time because you’ve asked them to, or they might not be working
much of the time at all.

It’s why we do what we do.

In your routine, you have
the space for cardio, you have the space for toning, you have the space for
strength and core strength, especially, I mean, did you notice it? My heart rate got up kinda high.

I bet you anything that my Fitbit is actually gonna put me in the fat burning (laughs)
zone today for that work.

Some of those exercises
got my heart rate up.

I am sweaty.

That, this was everything.

I’m so proud of you.

What a good, good, good job you did today.

No matter what your goal is, you pressed play.

You did the work.

You learned a little something, I hope.

And maybe even had some fun, right? I know, me too.

(laughs) You guys, go
ahead and open it up.

(sighs) Stretch out your
chest and close it up.

Now here on screen I am gonna
have an extended cool down for you like I do because I just do these really efficient cool downs.

This is enough for you, but if you like and have the time for a longer cool down, of course I’m gonna tell you to do that because this is also an important part of your routine, making sure that your heart rate comes down gently.

So here on screen you’re gonna see an extended cool down.

For my body shaping Bs, if you would like a little
tiny something else, I’ve got all kinds of 10 minute workouts and several of them are
either toning or strength and I will have a suggestion for you both here on screen and in
the description box below.

Now on the lower part of the screen you’re gonna see the letter P.

That’s an invitation to go over to Patreon where you can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
workouts for all of us.

Thank you so much for your support.

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Thank you so much for
working out with me today.

Make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video.

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