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One month has passed since 2018 and you know what that means! People have already started to give up their New Year’s promises .

According to Google, only 8% of people follow these decisions Which is the ultimate “I’m not angry, just disappointed” I am happy to inform you that I have not given up on any of my decisions I do not write any My family has never done these things My father once said, “Let’s all write decisions this year.

” And we still didn’t and then I achieved nothing For me, when I want to change something, I start to integrate it into my life immediately instead of waiting for the next week, year or LIFE for a fresh start EVERY DAY is Jaden-New Year * Party whistle, kazu, and that annoying spinning thing ^ * Luul As someone who doesn’t write them and probably isn’t qualified to criticize the art of New Year’s promises I will throw my opinion, which no one asked about I think the main reasons for these 92% of failed dreams are that they are too unrealistic and too vague Let’s stop making detours (talking around the bush) and talk about the most common promises Weight loss, healthier eating, you know – this rabbit hole “Lose 20 pounds (9 kg) By drinking this tea from this strange plant you have never heard of!” “Lose 10 (pounds 4 kg) In 30 minutes or get free pizzas” “Lose

your money” Everything is simple: SpongeBob: -GOOD! GIVE ME THE MONEY! All these fast weight loss scams that promise too good things to be true are just people who want your money True, the scales say “Hey! Good job, lose 7 pounds (3 kg) in a week!”, But your body says “Yeah, but it was just water and I don’t feel very well.

” or If you want change, you have to earn it through work There is no easy way To make changes in your lifestyle, they must be resilient to life.

That’s why they are called “Lifestyle changes” No.

“I’ll pay $ 200 ($ 337) for this diabetic shake, I’ll feel good for two weeks, I’ll lose 10 pounds (4 kg)! .

I’ll start to feel bad and give up after a month ‘s type changes “I’ll start training more” “I’ll start going to the gym” Let’s be honest with ourselves, This is a weekly apology for a promise “I will run every other morning” “I will weigh 3 to 5 days a week” These are much easier to follow than “I’ll do more exercises” * pFFSHSH * get rid of this vague nonsense! You don’t even know what you mean And don’t be gentle and say “oh, I missed a week, I’m so hopeless” You will not be perfect for a whole year Breathe, calm down and move on I say this as much to me as I say to you.

I try to be more self-aware when my brain wants to turn a small obstacle into an excuse.

to stop something completely I’m getting better and I’m slowly getting rid of this habit I grew up playing a lot of sports Football, martial arts, tennis Competitive Pokemon I know the way around the gym.

But I stopped everything last year of high school to focus on YouTube and art I didn’t care what I ate and in combination with the lack of special movement, I started to feel bad.

So I turned to what most people achieve when they encounter a similar problem Okay, it’s starting Let’s talk about home videos for springs.

Why are so many of them so much fake Strange hip-hop music and smiles that are an idea too broad It may be just plastic surgery, but it all makes me uncomfortable.

I understand that the instructor wants to make the workout look fun and stuff, but it seems super indulgent to me How the hell do they do whole workouts smiling, talking and making cheap pizza eating jokes “Okay, now stop this squat- ooo feel the burning of these squats!” “I smile and articulate everything perfectly And it is completely clear to me that you are panting like a wild animal! Don’t think about the leftover pizza in the fridge.

” “I’m watching you Britani” If you are looking for good home training programs I will offer you this blog, which I have been following for a super long time – “Fitness Blender” wow, isn’t that the sale alarm? Maybe Jaden has finally sold out No, take that out I’ve never talked to Fitness Blender, they don’t pay me to say that They don’t even know I exist It is led by a nice couple (Daniel and Kelly) They are very realistic and have a very healthy view of fitness and health They seem to know what they are doing All their exercises are completely free and if you want any of their rewritten eating programs and prans, cost about $ 15 ($ 25) and they don’t have stupid music AS A BACKGROUND TO THE VIDEO If you are just starting to train, it will hurt and / or be uncomfortable If not, you will not see changes All right, don’t kill yourself Insert a thought But your body will complain for a while and that’s fine There are many activities you can do! Playing with friends, walking your dog, a simple battle to the death squats And respect your starting position When I first tried going back to training, I was just, Okay, well, I passed it TV: – “Okay, we’re done, drink some water and we will go back to training! ” But don’t give up at first because this is literally the hardest part Raise your hand if you’re hurt AHA, the question was a ploy! You can’t raise your hands.

They are gelatin Remember that exercise is only a quarter of a healthy trip What you eat is the biggest variable for all those athletic-hippie-hot non-boilers Eating healthy is clean and simple magic You feel great.

It’s the closest thing to a drug that isn’t a drug There is a difference between being weak, being in shape and being healthy Something like a pie chart Some may be weak, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy at all Someone may be super bloated, but eat junk 24/7 and one can eat super healthy without having the body of a supermodel.

There is a healthy range for everything I had a very bad relationship with eating I’ve talked about this before.

In college, I developed an eating disorder and a fear of eating food and I passed all day without eating almost anything “Not Jaden!” “Do you think that eating 600 calories a day will just take you to all your dreams and hopes?” “NEP.

It’ll just give you headaches and emotional damage you can trust me I am from the future ALSO learn what Bitcoin is and invest everything you have in it while you can I would like to be taught more information about the dangers of eating disorders because if I knew about all the mess in three years I would be “Wow” okay Does not matter Let’s do 180 here This ship is unplugged I’m leaving before he controls everything in my life ” You can’t abuse your body and expect something good to come out of it.

Body “Man, I feel wonderful, I can totally run a marathon and write an essay right now.

I have so much energy is my brain is so clean Thank you for literally feeding me a bunch of grapes.

” You don’t go to the gas station to pour a glass of gasoline in your car and then try to drive to China Eat less than your body needs to survive physically achieves nothing.

It may seem to work now, but darling, big barrels are coming.

Please try to stop as soon as you can I’m not at all trying to embarrass anyone who is going through a tough time about their idea of ​​themselves I know it’s very difficult to fight this.

I was almost gone when I struggled.

And even though I’m in a much better place now, I still have bad days.

It helps me try to separate logical thoughts from the bad ones that feed my illogical fears They are not here to see how you succeed They are just stupid versions of those TV and email scams that are like: “Hey! Give me your credit card, PIN and your mother’s maiden name and I will give you a million dollars (1686603 BGN) “I’m not going to ruin your life, I’m just your good neighbor – the Nigerian prince!” It’s simpler than you think.

Eat healthy when you can, fresh grapes, vegetables, organic food and it’s good to reward yourself with something from time to time.

Don’t say: “I won’t eat sugar for the rest of my life!” You are set for failure And end up like Jamie Exercise as little as you are ready and be concerned and respectful of how your body feels.

Small changes go a long way Remember, you do this for yourself and don’t play silly hip-hop music while you’re training or I swear to Hercules, I’ll run over someone with a training bike Hey! Time passed I’m sorry Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet But Finebros reacted to me I already saw her and made my reaction but I don’t think I will reaction to people who react to me I know a lot of people wanted me to do that I enjoyed the video.

They said pretty good things and I hope you watch it and thanks to Finebros for that they think I’m worth it to react This video took a little longer to finish, this year will be quite busy and we have a few special surprises for you in the future I’m really trying to improve the quality of the videos without dying in the process I was very strict in uploading videos every two weeks, but it really isn’t sustainable for my mental health, or for my health in general So the videos will be ready when they are ready, If I could upload more often, I would But I care more about video quality than a specific schedule.

I also hope you enjoyed the video.

Hold on to your decisions keep going to the person you want to be and take care of yourself I’m working on all this too OK Bye!

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