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cold wind and drizzle in the hamburg city park but the year is still fresh, the sporty chairmanship changes as well in march again that is every year so it is not that easy Making your inner bastard legs fitness apps are supposed to help with this though what good are they trying for us from jens ironman finisher and running trainer tabea long distance runner and also running trainer nils sports scientist and triathlete and mareile movement therapist and personal trainers all four give courses for beginners as well as for advanced the biggest problem from their point of view that most of them take too much on the human side, too, we don’t say great has brought nothing or if my pulse is not 180 it has brought six and that’s nonsense, I myself moderate endurance training years effect also has cardiovascular system I always recommend much less do than you trust yourself and that you actually feel like you afterwards could do the same thing again, so the correct size is crucial the exercises must be well explained and, above all, meaningful Whether young or old, fit or unsportsmanlike, the fitness apps can do that our four athletes take one each app under the microscope mareile tries free latics from jens gets the mondo and nils cybermobbings tabea tests seven how is the first impression i find it really very simple and clearly set up your profile So at the beginning I am asked what goal I am pursuing and whether I will get fit I want to have I want to get strong or if I want to lose weight and yes how often i want to train during the week and at what time do you hit a seven-minute training session with twelve exercises every day at free latics, mareile has to put together her own program At first glance, this free version is just not that personalized means you can do different workouts here and you have to do exactly that yourself decide it’s good for me or maybe it’s too difficult or too easy nils has downloaded cyber mobbings and doesn’t really know he has to give his e-mail address his fitness status not i’m a a bit skeptical because I would of course like to have something personalized where i say this is the app i download it for me on me tailored that in my work from which do not overwhelm me and where I am coming out healthy jens, on the other hand, is very impressed with his app, the mondo positive, however, it is nice and easy to use like I see this here are the films that I forward and then use for a week our four first the free variants of the apps everyone introduces video diary daily twelve exercises in seven minutes so that should be according to yours sap get fit training starts even earlier with nils and cyberbullying the commentators all efforts are almost too fast for beginners and you will also find mareile first workout too demanding for beginners and how was the day at jens The exercise was not too demanding, but above all it was fun you have to try to look like this [music] can be fun what was really fun was that I had problems with me today the technology had sound and image are no longer in sync is due to the free version jens switch to the subscription for 12 euro 99 per month the free latics app is available from one euro 88 per week mareile hopes for more variety from the paid version [Music] so the training has to be interrupted for every click there is a disadvantage marie latics writes to us so the user would have full control over the pace of his training he can simply take a little break between different ones do exercises without fear to lose time from the next one [music] cyber bullying costs nils six euros 99 per month after 30 trial days is motivated and tabea test the canned food for seven days free of charge afterwards the app automatically costs 9 eur 99 per month and is fun [Music] So the motivation is right for all four but which app is the best for you after a week our athletes are different opinions jens is very impressed by mondo almost everything is without devices, which of course also has these advantages what i have seen so far is the trade in what is sold in bottles can replace or maybe my theraband and otherwise you do all that He didn’t feel so underchallenged.

Tabea, on the other hand, was the daily seven minutes of training too little motivated has always been less enthusiastic about doing more is nils from his app cyberbullying where my problem was that you can do that Couldn’t individualize that means everyone doesn’t have exactly the same workouts differences whether I am young or old man or woman my fitness has just gotten better we are not taken into account either, but rather this work are there for everyone cyberbullying writes on request that is intended so that our users can choose from as many courses as possible regardless of factors such as age or start of training with the free latics subscription if the level of difficulty increases, mareile thinks it is good I set training days on which I want to train and then get different workshops that build on each other on these different training days, I have stated that I can only do that the paid version, however, whether the exercises are carried out correctly Nobody checks you on any of the apps in our sample from the point of view of our athletes, they cannot motivate a trainer replace

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